20 Pictures That Prove Men Are Just Big Kids

20 Pictures That Prove Men Are Just Big Kids

‘As long as you know men are like children, you know everything’ Coco Chanel

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When it comes to the male species, us women are rather familiar with feeling in awe. I’m not talking about the kind of awe that has you feeling amazed. I’m talking about the kind of awe that has us repeatedly rolling our eyes, shaking our heads and sighing.

Ladies, we are all aware of the similarity between man and child (is there even a difference?) And despite loving the men in our life, sometimes they can do something so incredibly dumb/silly that you’re forced to take a step back and say ‘woooow’ with a baffled expression on your face.

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Even though it pains us to admit it to their faces, occasionally, they can pull something off that actually is rather funny, or, dare I say, quite clever. For the most part, of course, their actions present an abundance of silly and mind-boggling moments that leave us truly speechless about their species. So this list a mixture of all the times men have made us laugh, sigh, gasp and just stare. But what all these moments have in common is that they prove men are just children trapped in adult bodies.

Take a look at these 25 pictures that show men doing incredibly childish things. Don’t be afraid to laugh at some, they can be funny occasionally…

1. “Today, my husband bought a sticker labelling machine”

Yeah, because that animal wasn’t identifiable without that sticker. Sigh.

2. “The thing about adulthood is we can do what we want in home depot and no one can tell us off”

But people can just stare in awe of you, that’s for sure.

3. This guy has been banned from grocery shopping alone

Recreating a still life painting rather than fetching those diapers? Classic dad move.

4. “My Grandad spends every morning playing computer games”

Yep ladies, they remain kids for their entire lives. This is kinda cute though.

5. “My husband got stuck trying to feed a dead bee to a spider”

You’d think they’d know better about getting their head stuck between fence bars. It’s like the most childlike thing you can do!

6. “I lost my husband at the airport whilst our flight was delayed. I found him midway through a Pixar marathon with a group of 5-year-olds”

We’re actually really on board with this one and are wondering where we can find this guy. But it’s hilarious all the same.

7. The headline says it all

Police said the neighbor thought she could hear a female yelling “stop” and “no” This line had me in stitches.

8. “My brother enjoyed the playpen more than my son”

Lol, he looks so incredibly happy to be there.

9. “Heard that the record for the biggest cheerios stack had been made. I cancelled my afternoon plans”

Glad to see this guy has his priorities in the right place! (I am quietly impressed)

10. “I asked my boyfriend to go the store and get some frozen food for dinner”

I mean, I would actually be very, very happy if my boyfriend came home with that amount of ice-cream.

11. A ridiculously, unnecessary gift

The sheer disappointment on this lady’s face says it all.

12. “My wife was so confused why her weight kept fluctuating”

Admittedly, we’re laughing at this one.

13. “My husband spent the day in the new paddling pool. We don’t have any kids by the way”

I can understand if the kids had begged for the pool for Christmas, but it seems this lady doesn’t need any children.

14. “My partner told me a delivery was coming from Thailand today so I needed to sign for it.”

Omg. I would be saying to the delivery guy ‘No, this cannot be the order’. What possible need is there for that in the house?

15. “My boyfriend has been saying for months he’d love to swim with his turtle. I came home to this”

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Wow. There aren’t words for this one. Except wow.

16. “My boyfriend asked for a bite of my ice cream and I’m dating an evil person”

No. Just no. It’s a world known fact that the best part of an ice cream is the chocolate corner at the end. I’m offended.

17. “I asked my boyfriend to pick out a new shower curtain and now we have this”

I mean, I love Jeff Goldblum but I’m not sure I’d want him staring at me naked. Along with an ape.

18. “I could never play games because of my toddler so I finally bought that playpen”

Yeah, it’s safe to say you’re more of a kid than the kid. Lol.

19. “My boyfriend said he’d found the perfect use for his work shirt”

Hard at work then?

20. “I heard my husband laughing to himself and walked into this”

Yep. Adulthood does not exist. Man is an eternal child.

So that’s it Acidheads. Convinced they’re all kids? Yeah, you already knew. Well, I hope you enjoyed the concrete proof! Any funny anecdotes of pictures to share? Comment on our Facebook post and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends!