20 Pictures That Prove Queen Elizabeth Really Is One Of Us

20 Pictures That Prove Queen Elizabeth Really Is One Of Us

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Whatever you may feel about the Royal Family, you can’t escape the fact that they’re here, they exist and they’re probably not going anywhere for quite a long time. Personally, I adore the Royal Family, I just can’t get enough of them… especially the head Monarch herself, Queen Elizabeth II. With 65 years on the throne under her belt, she officially became the longest-reigning British monarch back in 2015, after surpassing her great-great-grandmother Victoria! If that isn’t impressive then I don’t know what is.

Not only that though, I find her incredibly relatable. It’s true! She’s only human after all… okay so she’s an incredibly wealthy, powerful and famous human being… but still a human being at the end of the day.

Still not convinced? Well, allow me to elaborate…

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1. When you’re having a conversation with your crush and you’re trying incredibly hard to concentrate and look sincerely interested but all you can think about is how ridiculously hot they are and how cute your future children will be.

2. When you’re trying your hardest to be a nice person but you bump into that one person you absolutely hate and they keep making awful jokes and you really want them to know just how awful they are.


3. When you’re friend tells you “I’m done with him!! I’m just SO over him!!” for the 100 millionth time and you know the minute he texts her a wink face emoji she’s gonna be jumping into the nearest Uber to go over to his house.

4. When someones trying to explain something to you that you know more about and you know every word coming out of their mouth is 100% wrong but you’re trying to be polite so you just stand there internally screaming about the amount of BS this person is spewing.


5. When you fall asleep in the middle of class and wake up not knowing what the hell is going on or where the hell you are but you got to act like you do because you don’t want anyone to find out how unprofessional you are.

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6. When you’ve caught your S.O. and you already know every detail of what happened but you let them tell their lies to you first because you wanna see how far they can actually bury themselves into the ground first before you unleash all hell.


7. When you and your best friends bond is so strong that you can give each other this look and immediately know what inside joke they’re thinking of.

8. When the creepy guy from class who’s been following you around for months and keeps leaving cringy poetry in your locker makes a huge public display of affection and all you hope for is that the ground opens up and swallows you whole.


9. When you said yes to a party months ago and already RSVP’s as attending in the Facebook group but you’d now literally do anything else in the world but you’re also trying to stop being such a flake so you go away and just sit there all night not talking to anybody.


10. When one of your friends keeps making a complete a*s of themselves but you love them so you just sit there quietly cringing to yourself on their behalf.


11. When someone is talking to you really passionately about something you just don’t freakin’ give a damn about but you appreciate the energy they’re vibing so you just stand there listening to them like this;


12. When you let you’re best friend make you a drink but you don’t trust the b*tch because deep down you know she’s trying to sabotage your responsibly sober personality and unleash the drunken Hell-beast that usually comes out after too much vodka so you watch her with your hawk-eyes.


13. When you want to be a supportive best friend so you go to their interpretive-nouveau-avant-garde-techno dance show but you have absolutely no idea what is going on the entire time and quite frankly you’re a little scared.


14. When your boss is making truly terible jokes and keeps forwarding you “hilarious” e-mail chains and YouTube videos but you have to laugh because they’re your boss and you really need a raise.


15. When you see a cute dog in the street that you really really want to pet but you also really really do not want to start up a conversation with the dog-owner because you hate people.


16. When you wake up hungover as Hell the next morning but then you see that drunk you left hungover you a slice of pizza to enjoy.


17. When you’re having dinner with the family and you hear your name being mentioned in conversation at the other end of the table.


18. When you go on holiday to the countryside with your parents and your mum insists on taking pictures of you with every inch of unremarkable piece of greenery you come across.


19. When you get invited to a party but nobody bothers to tell you that there’s a very strict dress code.


20. When it’s Swim Week in school but you “accidentally” forget to bring your bathing suit in for the 256th time that year.


Well folks, have I convinced you? Queen Elizabeth II really is one of us! What do you think? Can you relate to any of the reasons above? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this with the rest of your Monarch-loving friends and family! Pip pip, cheerio! AA x


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