20 Photos That Will Unsettle You And Leave You Feeling A Bit Weird

20 Photos That Will Unsettle You And Leave You Feeling A Bit Weird

These photos are uncomfortable, to say the least…

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Okay, so we’re gonna have trouble explaining this one… ever seen something so bafflingly bizarre that you get this strange feeling when you look at it? Like it just doesn’t make sense or it just isn’t right?

So basically, we’ve compiled a bunch of photos that for some reason make us feel weird AF and we just can’t deal with them. Some will make your skin shiver, others will leave you feeling terribly confused. All of them will make you speechless…

1. The make-up that messes with your head

We’re starting off mild, guys. This is somewhat uncomfortable to look at and simultaneously very skilful! At first, I thought it was a snapchat filter so when I realised it wasn’t, it kinda blew my mind.

2. Mario and Luigi sporting human noses

This one goes under the severely disturbing pile. Who did that to Mario and Luigi? You can ruin a childhood, you know!

3. This cat’s haircut is just wrong

Who ON EARTH did this? It is the most unsettling thing I’ve ever seen. Feeling uncomfortable yet? Keep going, it gets worse…

4. You know the feeling when a fork does this…

It’s so saddening to see this happen, but especially with sticky syrup pancakes. Doesn’t this picture just give you the shivers?

5. This black coloured toilet roll

I’m just gonna put it out there… how are you meant to know when to stop wiping?! There’s no valid reason why this roll was ever created.

6. This EXIT sign… in lowercase?!

Just an outright no. In capital letters. NO. 

7. This all too familiar looking sweet potato

If you’re lucky, that is… I’m feeling seriously uncomfortable about this one. And I don’t think I can be the only one…

8. This weirdo who committed a crime

Who hurt this guy? All I can envision now is the bitter taste of that cookie. Ergh!

9. This unnerving foot entwine

Disturbing enough that we don’t need to add any comments.

10. This wall that’s missing a singular brick

Do you see it? Once you do, feel your body recoil in horror. A very upsetting sight. I’m sorry that you can’t unsee that sh*t.

13. This very public toilet

It’s like the stuff of nightmares, isn’t it?

14. The tree that wears underwear

I’m all for personifying trees in the likes of Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings, but there’s something quietly troubling about this image.

15. The bristle-less toothbrush

Okay, 1. What is the purpose of this? Are you meant to insert the bristles yourself? And 2. does this image make anyone else’s teeth feel weird?

16. The seedless avocado

There’s something equally beautiful and harrowing about this photo. I don’t quite know how to feel?

17. The realization of what a lemon looks like when it’s peeled

Who’d have known? There’s just something too strange about looking at this.

18. These super stiff jeans

Is it an optical illusion? Is it a magic trick? Nope, just a pair of really stiff jeans. I’m as freaked out as you are.

19. This oreo is just wrong

And it’s very upsetting on the eyes. By this point in the list, I’d say you’re having major anxiety and feeling totally unnerved. And I’m guessing this image didn’t help. Sorry.

20. This bizarre, baffling, unsettling and unnerving toy 

Didn’t I tell you it gets worse? I can’t cope with this image. Is that a set of false teeth?! I’m genuinely sorry you had to see this.

Feeling unsettled, confused or unnerved? Then we did our job! We’re sorry we had to put you through that, but it is as much entertaining as it is weird, right? Stay strange, Acidheads!