20 Perfect Examples Of Why Not To Shop Online

20 Perfect Examples Of Why Not To Shop Online

We’ve all done it! Seen a bargain online that we just couldn’t resist… why is it so cheap? Why is it being dispatched from the other side of the world?

Who cares! You give in and buy it because what’s the worst that can happen anyway? Well, it turns out these are the worst things that can happen.

Because every now and again, that thing you bought isn’t just slightly the wrong size or not quite the color it seemed online. It’s not that it was poorly built and breaks the moment you get it. It’s not even that it just didn’t arrive at all and now you’re $9.99 down on the day. Plus shipping!

No, sometimes that thing you bought online is so hilariously bad that you’re not even mad and you can’t wait to show everyone what a screw up it is.

But then sometimes it’s the hideous stuff of nightmares that needs to be cleansed with fire and cast into the bowels of the Earth from whence it came.

Don’t believe me? Get a lot of these online shopping calamities!

1. We’ve all ordered the wrong size by accident in our time

But nobody has ever quite gotten it this wrong! I believe that website wasn’t telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

2. This person wanted their family portrait on a Christmas ornament… but that isn’t their family!

What the… what? Why are they with a bunch of peng- you know what, I don’t even want to know.

3. What the freakin’ heck do you even hunt and kill to get that much fur?

Maybe whoever runs this website has been skinning aliens from another planet. It certainly looks that way!

4. When what you ordered was walking boots, but what you got was… well, different…

Now that’s the American spirit, trying to make the best out of what you’ve got!

5. A reminder to read the sizes carefully when you’re buying stuff online

I could eat my lunch straight out of that ladle, never mind scoop up some soup with it, for goodness’ sakes!

6. Hey I wish I could feel bad for you, but you’re the one trying to scrimp on designer labels, sister!

You could say that these things were a total rip-off!

7. I don’t remember this part in Frozen

Believe me I should know, I have kids so I’ve seen that movie 812 times on DVD.

8. What’s that old phrase that springs to mind?

Oh yeah, never send a freakin’ idiot to do a flower arranger’s job!

9. Oh and don’t send some green onions to do a flower’s job

Basically the take away here is that flowers are awesome so don’t mess around with them.

10. When you need an emergency Winnie the Pooh mask, just make one

Otherwise, you’ll give every kid for miles around nightmares for weeks. Most of the adults too.

11. When the online store isn’t even sorry

They just front it out like champs.

12. I wouldn’t even know what to complain about here

Other than the fact that you have just been played, Matt!

13. Always remember to check the small print

Also remember that if a website is selling a PS4 for $2.99 and not $299… it’s probably not for real!

14. Erm… maybe it… shrunk in the wash?

On the other hand, you’ve got yourself a fetching bath mat for the low, low price of €2. I’d chalk that up as a win and call it a day!

15. When you expected a catwalk worthy wig

And what you got was a reject from a fancy dress store. I guess you’ll have to dye your hair instead!

16. Troll level: professional

Those Ebay scammers are really something, right? This must be as bad as it gets, right? Oh no, wrong!

17. Troll level: ultra professional

THIS is about as bad as it gets! I would be SO mad! Imagine spending $2000 on a car, and then Fred Flinstone’s car rocks up!

18. If you don’t buy the official merchandise, you can’t have many complaints

Well… I would still complain that I look more like Princess Leia’s ghost than the real thing, but maybe I’m splitting hairs!

19. This person ordered a fryer, and was surprised when a cotton candy machine arrived instead

Now that’s my kind of surprise!

20. At least this Ebay scammer has some conscience!

I don’t know who I feel worse for, the broke scammer or their victim!