20 People Who Need To Be Banned From Kitchens Permanently

20 People Who Need To Be Banned From Kitchens Permanently

Live to eat, not eat to live… unless these chefs are cooking…

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We all like to fancy ourselves Michelin star chefs now and then. Whether we’re cooking up some sizzling spicy chicken fajitas or a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, we enjoy the process of preparation, the build-up to that delicious food and the ultimate applaud when your food was incredible!

Unfortunately, it’s not always the case that it goes so well. And sometimes your culinary triumphs turn into disastrous slumps. We remember the times when the food is burning whilst you sweat over the grill flapping the smoke alarm with a kitchen towel and you wonder why you ever decided to make this stupid apple pie?!

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But try to remember, no matter how disheartened you become from the disaster that may have occurred in your kitchen space, somebody somewhere in the world has had a way worse culinary experience and is just a completely terrible chef. Take these people for example…

Here are 18 times that chefs were totally disastrous in the kitchen and needed to be banned from them permanently…

1. Charcoaled chicken to the extreme

We all love a bit of charcoaled chicken to make the soul feel good, but this just takes it too far. I can see a cloud of ashy smoke emitting from the chicken leg as someone takes a bite. It’s a no from me.


2. Hot dogs! Get ya hot dogs! Fresher than ever!

This new recipe means you can enjoy tasty hot dogs whilst also keeping minty fresh breath! Erm, no thanks. Whoever did this, you’ve messed with our head! When you look at this, you can’t help but envision the taste. And it’s gross.

3. Powerade pasta?!

I’m as shocked as you are. Something tells me this guy is under 18 and thought it’d be ‘fun’ to make his pasta blue. Well, you’re the only sucker kid, because that won’t taste good.

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4. How do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine blue. 

What possessed this person to do this to beautiful, delicious, creamy eggs? If you put me off my morning eggs benedict, then I’ll certainly be feeling blue.

5. When you wanna be cultured but are too lazy to learn

‘If we just blob a bit of rice together, and shove one of those fish biscuits on top, it’s pretty much the same as a shrimp tempura roll, right?’

6. Spaghetti hoops stack

I can’t say I’m not impressed… but I guess I’m just trying to figure out why?

7. The ‘we have no tomato sauce’ approach

Spaghetti hoops seem to be sending everyone a bit loopy. Not sure about the taste of this one but it sure looks like vomit.

8. When you’ve been to El Pollo Loco and think ‘Yeah I can do that’

Clearly, this guy has never used his kitchen utilities before today.

9. The rice as hard as brick

So strong that it stuck together even when the lid was pulled? The cook has certainly achieved something. It may not taste good but hey, why don’t you consider a career in bricklaying?

10. The heat is up 

Well, that’s one way to cook your pasta… If you like it burnt along with your house.

11. The cookie monster

Since it’s still edible, I’d be okay with this. Though it does look pretty hard judging by this girl’s facial expression. Oh well, anything for cookies.

12. Mac ‘n’ cheese as solid as a plate

Don’t ever do this to mac ‘n’ cheese. Ever. It is a cardinal sin.

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13. The other type of cornbread

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Wow. This chef has truly gone above and beyond.

14. ‘How do we make our snacks look as gross as possible?’

Obviously, this one is super cool. Pretzels disguised cigarettes? We love it. We can appreciate how talented this chef is but nevertheless, it is not the most pleasurable on the eyes!

15. The exploding squash 

Culinary tip number 1: Always keep an eye on the oven when you’re cooking a butternut squash. And if you hear a loud ‘BANG’ you haven’t done your job properly.

16. When you don’t fancy washing a knife and chopping board… Image result for freaking roommates man sink

To be honest, this method would actually work, I’ll give the cook his due.

17. A solid attempt at making…something

Is that rice or pasta? We can’t tell… I just appreciate this chef attempted to make his masterpiece look good, with a blob of parsley on top. Truly scrumptious.

18. When you try to be Betty Crocker but you’re just you…

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Unfortunately, this is how most are baking experiences turn out. Though if it tastes good, ain’t nothing gonna stop me eating every last bite.

I hope you feel at ease now. You surely can’t be as bad as these cooks? Or maybe you are? Comment on Facebook with your biggest cooking disaster and don’t forget to share these hopeless chefs with your family and friends.