20 People Who Had Genius Ideas You’ll Wish You Thought Of

20 People Who Had Genius Ideas You’ll Wish You Thought Of

‘Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple’

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Word. The most genius ideas come from making our lives so much easier. It’s about being ahead of your time and thinking outside the box. But being innovative doesn’t come naturally to us all. Sometimes, things that seem like the simplest ideas ever we just never thought of! And in hindsight, we kick ourselves. 

These people didn’t kick themselves. These people won. Take a look at these people who had genius ideas to make life more simple. And get ready to go ‘ Ahhh why didn’t I think of that?!’

1. The drink holders for a day outside

Imagine the number of drinks that would go UN-spilled? These are a must.

2. The Mom with a scrumptious secret

I’m gonna steal this ladies tasty trick FOR SURE. What a stroke of genius.

3. The guy that made tap water high class

I’m so impressed by this contraption I don’t know what to say. And I don’t even care that there’s quite clearly spillage. Top marks.

4. The how to dunk your oreo guide

So simple yet none of us ever put 2 + 2 together, did we? I’m shook.

5. Traffic lights version 2

A problem everyone has, a solution everyone needs. Need I say more?

6. Shopping on a budget

 ‘Krispy Kreme’s 12 for $5? I’ll take 72!’ We can all go a bit too far in the supermarket and this genius idea stops that. Please get me one immediately. I need help.

7. The whichever way bench

‘Ahhh I wanna sit on a bench but that one means we aren’t facing the sun’ is a sentence you’ll never say again. This bench’s back can move back and forth so you can sit either direction. Winning.

8. William Thompson – creative genius 

Lol, ten points for creativity. William is living in the year 3018 while the rest of us are just playing catch up.

9. The sleeping lady who won’t miss out

When you’re on the plane and you have the worlds hardest decision: Sleep or snacks? Well now thanks to this woman, you never have to prioritise again, as you should never have to!

10. The ‘get snacks into the movies’ hack

Ladies, get ready, this is about to change your life. Next Friday, I’m gonna be in my third trimester watching the latest horror film.

11. The spatula that we all need

Why don’t they just make every kitchen spatula and spoon this way? Nothing aggravates me more than getting bean juice on the kitchen counter. So unnecessary.

12. The way to improve your tips

I don’t know who to be more impressed by. The waitress who made $3 or the little girl who is more adult than me?

13. The slip-on pour spout

This is a household MUST HAVE. Ain’t nothing worse than that food you worked hard on spilling down the side of your pan and all over the kitchen counter. Kudos.

14. The labelled bed sheets

Made for everyone’s benefit. Usually, I spend more time figuring this out than I do making the bed.

15. The answer to ‘where the hell are my keys?’

I don’t know why this isn’t implemented in every household ever already? It would solve so many mysteries.

16. The charger that gives your phone a rest

Isn’t it annoying when you have to plonk your phone on the floor or try and stretch the cable to reach the table? A perfect hack for all phone lovers. Which is all of us.

17. The socket and extension lead

I really couldn’t tell you why this idea hasn’t taken off. Does no one else care about making life easier except me?!

18. The sauce dispensing chopsticks

How genius are these?! Everyone needs extra soy sauce with their noodles.

19. The mini models of tents you wanna buy

Well, that is a hell of a lot easier. It’s like buying with your eyes closed with tents!

20. The guy who has everything sacred protected

If you’re like Mike (and me) you come in drunk sometimes and put on the next episode of a show you’re binging and just fall asleep. The next day when you continue watching, you get a spoiler and have some serious rage for drunk you. Problem solved. Well done Mike.

And there we have it. 20 people who came up with legit genius ideas. Have you come up with anything? Comment on our Facebook with your best life hack and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends!