20 People Who Failed Miserably Because Their Attempts Were Just Awful

20 People Who Failed Miserably Because Their Attempts Were Just Awful

‘I guess I’ll give it a tr…nah, scrap that’

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Most of us are bone idle individuals or don’t give a s**t about trying at most things in life, but at least we still get stuff done (to an extent) and do it right. These people don’t stick to the rulebook. Not even close. In fact, they gave such little effort to what they do, that the result is something truly shockingly hilarious. So side-splitting that we just had to share it with you all.

Check out these lazy, careless or just plain dumb people that attempted to give a small c**p but quickly realised they just couldn’t…

1. This guy had one job and he did it so badly…

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As predicted, this “foolproof” plan went disastrously, resulting in this…

So either this guy is dumb as a rock or just doesn’t give a damn.

2. When Kamil stated his ‘profession’ for The Bachelorette…

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So let me get this straight, Kamil, you’re a Social Media Participant…

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Aren’t we all?!

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Real poor attempt there, Kamil. You’d have been better just outright lying.

3. This guy tried to be “anti-gay” and his attempt just failed…

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Petition to get him out the closet?

4. The irony of this sign

college of architecture

I really, really, really hope this was a cleverly calculated joke.

5. This guy made a mockery of himself trying to prove a point

We can’t stop laughing at his feeble attempt. Though, this guy probably worked harder than everyone else on this list. But we’re so glad he failed.

6. Congratulations! You came 3st!


I think I’d rather have no medal than the embarrassment of this one.

7. This person gave no sh**s (pardon the pun)


To be fair to the person whose job it was to spray this yellow line, pretty sure their job description doesn’t involve ‘picking up and moving dog poop’, so I say fair enough!

8. When you’re asked to put soap in the bathrooms

Did this really happen? I feel like this listicle more closely represents the dumbest people ever.

9. “Math is hard. Don’t let it get you down”

Top tip: if you’re making a poster ad, check over it, ask someone else to check over it. It’s not a difficult sum, do the math (sorry, I had to).

10. This retail assistant who couldn’t be bothered/is angry at millennials

It’s a good one though, we’ll give her that!

11. This guy tried to be nasty and failed miserably

You just got owned by Netflix. And it was amazing.

12. As Bryan Menegus put it “no one has f***ed up harder than this person”

Such a shame to waste a hard-boiled egg that way!

13. This girl’s fake I.D was just one big fail

A bit of common sense wouldn’t have gone amiss with this one. We can’t stop laughing though. I bet that girl left in a hurry!

14. Not just refrigerators. Fridge-sized refrigerators.

Thank you for this insightful headline! I would never have assumed that a refrigerator was, in fact, fridge-sized. Who’d have known!

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15. This cat’s fail that is a metaphor for everything we try to do

This shows about as far as I can make myself go every day.

16. This guy gave it a go and it backfired massively

WORST NIGHTMARE. I feel for this guy, I really, really do. But why on earth would you ever EVER risk that?

17. The writer of this caption

The clarification is so essential. This is either one big fail or a brilliantly dry joke.

18. The douche that stocked the ‘back to school’ merchandise


I’d be shocked if this person still has a job.

19. The blind poster guy


Really? How lazy is this person? Once you start putting up the second half it’d become pretty apparent what’s gone wrong. Ah well, never mind!

20. You had one job!


Just four letters placed in the right order! And to help you even further, it’s written on a sign right in front of you!

What did I tell you, Acidheads? Aren’t these some super epic fails?! What did you think? Got any fail stories of your own? Comment on our Facebook post and let us know!