20 Naughty Hidden Secrets In Disney Films

20 Naughty Hidden Secrets In Disney Films

Have you ever watched a kids film back as an adult and realized it’s full of naughty jokes or totally brazen innuendos? These are things that go straight over our heads as kids- but when you watch it back as a fully fledged adult, you’re shocked and surprised that you’ve never noticed these before!

However, some images are SO hidden that you’d never spot them without somebody phsycially pointing them out to you.

Here’s 20 naughty hidden Disney secrets that we just had to share with you…

1. The Word ‘SEX’ Appears In The Sky In The Lion King?

Did you pick up on the word ‘Sex’ appearing in the sky the first time you watched The Lion King?


According to former Disney animator Tom Sito: “It doesn’t say SEX. It says special effects. It’s SFX.”. Hmm, we’re not convinced…



2. A Naked Woman Appears In The Rescuers?

An image of a naked woman appears as Bianca and Bernard pass by!

Disney executives weren’t aware of this, leading to Disney having to recall 3.4 million VHS copies of the film!


3. The Bishop Gets An Erection In The Little Mermaid?

This Bishop in The Little Mermaid appears to be getting a little too over excited over this wedding.


However, Disney animator Tom Sito, says “it’s his knees”. They’re pretty strange looking knees…


4. A Thong Appears On The Lion King Poster?


Does The Lion King poster contain a subliminal image of a woman wearing a thong?

Or have people just got dirty minds?

5. Aladdin Tells Teens To Get Naked?

Does Aladdin really say “good teenagers, take off your clothes”?

Or is it “Good tiger. Take off. Scat. Go!”. What do you hear?

6. A Penis Appears On The Cover Of The Little Mermaid VHS?



Rumour has it that a disgruntled Disney animator sought revenge on the company by drawing a castle spire in the shape of a penis!


You’ll never look at the cover in the same way again!

7. Jessica Rabbit Exposes Herself?

In Who Framed Roger Rabbit Jessica Rabbit is thrown from the car and appears to expose herself!

Or does she? Watch the clip below and decide for yourselves!



8. The Word ‘SEX’ Appears On Tangled Promotional Posters?


Are the cartoonists trying to fit the word ‘SEX’ into the official poster for the film?

Or do people just have too much time on their hands?!

9. Bambi and Thumper Caught In The Act?


Is Thumper innocently bumping into Bambi on the ice?


Or is something a little cheekier happening here?!


10. Naughty Pic in Monsters Inc? (This didn’t make it in to the final cut!)

Image result for monsters inc uncle roger picture

This naughty picture of Boo’s Uncle Roger and her mom didn’t make it into the final cut…

We wonder why!

11. Foot Size mentioned in Frozen

Image result for frozen foot size joke

A more blantent bit of rudeness from Disney here!

This was definitely one for the parents…

12. That’s an interesting lump on your head!

Image result for Disney Hercules Rude moments

There’s no getting out of this one!

That’s 100% a freakin’ penis!

13. Marilyn Monroe Nearly Bares All!

Did you notice that Marilyn Monroe makes a subtle appearance in the night sky in Hercules?!


You can clearly see a starry outline of Marilyn in her famous ‘white dress moment’ from the Seven Year Itch.

14. Mr Potato Head Gets Very Possessive Of His Wife

Mr Potato Head cheekily says ‘No one takes my wife’s mouth except me’.

Another innuendo that we hope went straight over the heads of younger audiences!


15. The Emperor Gets Into Too Much Of A Groove


The Emperor’s right-hand man, Kronk, falls asleep under the stars…

But his ‘tent’ strangely only covers one particular part of his body…


16. Cars Featured Some Very Enthusiastic Groupies

Super fans Mia and Tia Start flashing their ‘headlights’ furiously, before two security guards chase them away!

Apparently over-enthusiastic groupies also exist in the world of animated cars!


17. Size Doesn’t Matter

Linguini is trying to work up the courage to tell his attractive colleague Collette that he has a rat helping him cook in the kitchen.

He begins by stammering ‘I have this tiny … little … little …’. And then she helpfully cements the innuendo by looking straight at his crotch. Cheeky!

18. The HunchBack of Notre Dame Contains A Very Revealing Image Of Esmeralda

Esmeralda’s curvy body is highlighted and appears to be fully naked during her fire dance!


Did you notice this too?!

19. Disney Once Produced This Very Questionable Cover Art…

An innocent hug or a gigantic blue penis?

We’ll never know!

20. Bambi Provided Viewers With A Subtle Biology Lesson

Flower receives a passionate kiss that causes him to go rigid and sends blood rushing to his head. Hmmm….

There’s nothing subtle about this! Naughty Disney…

What do you think of these naughty hidden secrets and messages in these classic Disney movies? Have you noticed any of these before? Let us know in the comments!