20+ “Illusionist Desserts” Which Will Seriously Mess With Your Senses

20+ “Illusionist Desserts” Which Will Seriously Mess With Your Senses

Chef Ben Churchill is undoubtably some sort of wizard! He has been specializing in creating beautiful (and sometimes totally gross looking)  illusions out of desserts that can resemble other foods and everyday objects.

From edible plant pots to chocolate and vanilla flavored ash trays- it seems like there’s nothing that Churchill cannot recreate. 

The innovative and creative chef is full of surprises and you will not believe your eyes when you see some of these wonderful masterpieces…

 Would you dare to try any of these? 

1) Orange Parfait, Bubblegum Meringue Powder

Is there anything more unappetizing than mold?! We bet it tastes delicious- but it would probably take a minute of mental preperation before you could tuck in!

2) Cherry Sponge, Coconut Truffle, Lemon Meringue Mushrooms, Rosemary Chocolate Bark

So this actually looks so freakin’ pretty and appealing! The gold leaves really pull it all together- we’d love to give this one a go!

3) Vanilla Pannacotta, Smokey Lapsang Gel, Meringue Powder, Chocolate

YUCK!! Bringing this up to your mouth would just feel so wrong and disgusting! It looks SO realistic! Would you try this?!

4) Christmas Carrot Cake

This is absolutely adorable!! The only thing that would put us off eating this is having to ruin the cute little guy! This is the perfect Christmas treat.

5) Granny Smith Pannacotta, Custard, Granola, Lemon Balm…

The color of this is beautiful and the design is incredible! The lemon balm dripping out of the middle is making our mouths water! We’d love to give this a try.

6) Chocolate And Beetroot Cake, Chocolate Soil, Chocolate Plant Pot

WOW! Even the plant pot is edible! This is amazing!

7) Coconut Mushroom Sweets

We can’t begin to imagine what these taste like- they look like the exact texture of mushrooms! These would seriously mess with your senses!

8) Lemon Drizzle Cake, Lemon Sponge, Chantilly, Lemon Gel

Again- we can’t get over how realistic this looks! It looks like the perfect dippy egg!

9) Olive Oil Sponge Cake With Mint Crumb, Sweet Milk Foam And A Baked Apple Puree

Is this the most bizarre one of them all?! The sweet milk foam is the ultimate illusion for soapy bubbles- it is freakin’ amazing! Although we don’t think we’ll be tucking into it anytime soon…

10) Chocolate And Beetroot Brownie Filled With Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Soil, Mint Leaves

It may look weird, but have you seen how much chocolate is in this?! We are SOLD.

11) Lemon Pannacotta, Filled With A Lemon Sherbet Iced Gel And A Green Tea And Jasmine Custard, All Made Using Home Made Moulds…

This sounds like a lot of effort for a dessert which is basically a lemon and some custard. It looks very cool don’t get us wrong- but we can’t help but wonder if it’s worth all the fuss. We’d like to see what the inside looks like!

12) Mirror Glazed Carrot Cake, Edible Stones, Poached Mint, Chocolate Plant Pot.

Is it just us or does that carrot look really appetizing?! We do feel they need to clarify “edible stones” a bit better though…

13) Chocolate And Chilli Cake

The only chilli we’d happily eat. IT IS SO SHINY!

14) The Chocolate Buster Sword Cake With Swiss Roll Log

We’d eat this in a heartbeat. It looks

15) Coconut Pannacotta, Mango Gel, Grilled Lemon Sponge…

It would be such a crazy experience eating this- our minds would expect savory but we’d taste something sweet. However, surely it’s criminal to GRILL a cake?! It’s just wrong.

16) Chocolate Ganache, Thyme, Meringue, Chocolate Soil… The Woodland Floor

What is it with this chef and creating mushroom illusions? This is definitely a personal favorite of the mushroom themed desserts- the colors are beautiful!

17) Chocolate Log Filled With An Orange Bavarois, Coated In Mint ‘Moss’

This looks too good to eat. But we would definitely eat it, because chocolate orange is to die for.

18) Ganache Filled Cookie, Charred Strawberries, Burnt Rose Gel, Coconut

Who let Hannibal Lector open a restaurant? We don’t care how good it tastes- it looks disgusting.

19) Chocolate And Banana

Hmm, they haven’t actually explained what the screws are made from? We’re hoping it’s chocolate- otherwise it could mean an expensive trip to the dentist!

20) Chocolate Plant Pot Filled With Chocolate Mousse, Sprouting A Chocolate Tree, Topped With A Fluffy Matcha Foam

We see someone’s already broken off a piece of chocolate. This looks yummy and almost too good to eat.

21) Cookie Dough Filled With Chocolate Sauce Served With Chantilly Cream… The Potato Dessert Illusion

You had us at “cookie dough filled with chocolate”. We don’t care if this looks like a moldy potato- SIGN US UP!

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