20+ Gross Things All Couples Do When They’ve Been Together Forever

20+ Gross Things All Couples Do When They’ve Been Together Forever

Most relationships have a honeymoon phase, a stage in the relationship where there is still pressure to make an effort with how you look and to plan big, extravagant dates. However, once you realize that this person is not going anywhere because the two of you have decided to spend your time together, for better or for worse, then the relationship begins to open up. That doesn’t always mean for the better.

In fact, once this next phase begins, each person becomes more aware of the things that the other person used to hide about themselves. Most often, it is some sort of annoying habit but in these cases, it can be something that is downright gross! At which point, what are you going to do about it? I mean, you already decided that you are going to be in love (maybe get married) or perhaps just living together. In any case, we are obligated to accept whatever gross thing each partner is prepared to bring to the table of this union.

It would be nice to be on a honeymoon with our loves forever but there comes a time when this phase is over and when that happens, you had better be prepared to accept this person that you have committed yourself to for all of their gross and indecent flaws. It’s the least that you could do before you unleash your own, disgusting habits because you are convinced that neither of you are going anywhere, no matter how grossed each of you become about these aspects which are brought forth during this time of comfort in your relationship. It might have started off as being perfect and even flawless but time tells all and this time, we are telling you all of the gross things that happen when the relationship develops into this:

After all, it’s not like you were expecting perfection. You were just hoping to find someone that you can share all of your idiosyncrasies without judgment. Just think, in time, the two of you will be doing fart bombs or some other adolescent game that passed for entertainment because back then, we weren’t trying so hard to impress each other. We were all just out to have some fun. For whatever reason, we put all of that behind us when we grow up and we treat ourselves as if everything we do is gross and therefore, shouldn’t be done. But if you can deal with it, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

1. There’s no demanding need to shave

And, as a woman, I have to say – What a relief! The fact is, trying to keep up with having smooth legs is a daily chore that is easily passed up when you are merely lounging around in your pajamas or sweatpants with our honey who doesn’t seem to mind the scratchy legs that you are hiding underneath it all because it’s pizza and movie night anyway and it’s probably not even going to lead to sex because you’ve both had a hard week. Those are the comfortable situations that we all long for. There is no pressure to be sleek and smooth all year round which is fantastic for women who really can’t be bothered.

2. You fart in front of each other

It’s natural, it happens, we all do it, so get used to it.

In the early days of the relationship, they’ll try to hide their little farts, but once you’ve heard one, you’ll hear plenty more.

3. Poop is discussed in any capacity

It’s not something you talk about on the first few dates, but once you’re comfortable talking about poop, it becomes a massive milestone in your relationship.

It’s amazing how talking to your partner about how much you need a dump is a good sign that you’ve hit your comfort level.

4. Period talk is acceptable

You can’t avoid it, it’s a monthly problem.

Whenever periods peer it’s head around once a month, it affects everything. Your mood, sex, and even your diet, so it’s natural that you make the leap into talking about it.

5. You pee with the door wide open

You’re in the middle of an important conversation, but one of you need to pee. Don’t think the conversation ends there. It still carries on despite one of you peeing.

Watching each other pee, and not caring is a good sign that you’re comfortable with one another.

6. You let him pee in the shower when you shower together

This is a crucial one.

Most men like to see in the shower, while women, not so much.

But if your other half lets you pee in the shower, be a gentleman and turn around and pee in a direction that won’t splash on her.

If she can handle that, then she’s a keeper!

7. Morning breath doesn’t gross you out

I remember when I constantly brushed my teeth whenever I kissed my partner at the beginning of the relationship.

We’ve all been in a situation similar to this.

But after a while, you learn not to care about morning breath because let’s be honest. Morning kisses are the best!

8. You pop spots and pimples

I love popping spots and pimples. I know it’s gross and disgusting but each to their own.

Somehow I’ve managed to convince my partner to let me pop their spots, it’s a big and kinda gross gesture that proves to me that we’re comfortable in our relationship.

9. Sickness doesn’t make kissing off-limits

Being sick may be gross but if you’re comfortable in your relationship than being sick won’t interfere with you kissing one another.

10. Weight gain isn’t a big deal

Putting on a little weight and not worrying about it is a good sign of a strong, healthy, and comfortable relationship.

It’s a good sign that they love you and they’re comfortable with you no matter what, which is a pretty amazing thing.

11. Despite all of these things you still find your partner sexy

Hitting the peak comfortable level isn’t just finding yourself living in a new gross world.

It’s about still finding your partner attractive and sexy regardless of their flaws or gross habits.

If this happens, then you know you’ve found the one for you.

12. Cold Feet Alert

You regularly put your cold, dry feet on your partner’s legs when it’s cold. 

To be fair, I thought boyfriends/husbands were just oversized hot water bottles!

13. You Like Their Smell

Whenever you roll over in bed, you get a whiff of their natural odor on their pillow, and you find it strangely comforting, especially if they’re not in bed yet.

14. Sharing Is Caring

You’ve used the same eating utensils, toothbrush, and even the same bar of soap!

It doesn’t matter because you kiss each other constantly anyway!

15. Ingrown Hairs

Your idea of a romantic night in is when your partner lets you tweeze their ingrown hair.

16. That’s Dirty

You’ve picked up their dirty underwear…

17. Taking Photos

You’ve taken a photo of a “weird looking” part of your partner’s head for them, so they could see it.

What? It’s better to be safe than sorry!

18. Hair Everywhere

You find their hair everywhere.

On the sink, in the bathtub, on the sofa, even in the microwave. Seriously, how much hair do you have spare?

19. Open And Friendly

You’ve had a full on conversation with them while you brushed your teeth and they were using the toilet.

20. Fart Comparison

You regularly compare your farts with another and say things like ‘it smells like something died inside me!’

Honestly, if they smell that bad, then something probably has!

Read on to find out some classic things that only happen in couples that have been together for ages!

It’s a betrayal if one of you watches your show without the other

You have your shows that you just have to watch together and if one of you watches the next episode without the other then that’s a serious betrayal and will be treated as such. I don’t care if you’re trying to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers, watching it without me is not acceptable ever.

You have a system for who gets the last slice of pizza

Of course, this doesn’t just cover pizza, but any piece of good food that you might be trying to share right now. Maybe one of you has had a terrible day and you’re just feeling grumpy and you’re taking the last slice no matter what and don’t care about the consequences.

You’re comfortable enough around their family that you’re not on your best behaviour any more

You love their family and they love you (your Mom-in-law told you so) so you’re beyond acting on your best behaviour and now you’re just being yourself!

You have that one restaurant you always go to when neither of you can decide what you want to eat

You get into the “What do you want to eat? I don’t know what do you want to eat?” argument so often that you’ve actually got one restaurant that you both love that you can fall back on when you both really can’t decide what to eat.

You speak in a language you made up together

Being together for so long has given you a whole bunch of ‘in’ jokes and made up words that you don’t even really remember the origins of and all of those have combined to make your own weird hybrid language that wouldn’t mean anything to anyone else listening.

You ‘accidentally’ wake them up when you want to chat

Oh sorry, did I wake you up by smacking you on the arm? I’m so sorry about that, I didn’t mean to!

You tell each other everything, even if the other person doesn’t care

You’ve just got home and you’ve heard some of the juiciest office gossip ever and you have to share it with your partner. Do they know who you’re talking about? Nope! Do you care? Nope!

You’ve worn their clothes so often that you’ve forgotten if they belonged to you or not

Aww, I love wearing my boyfriends hoodie… or wait… was this my hoodie? No, it was his hoodie, right? I must have been his hoodie, I would never buy this.


Sleeping in the same bed doesn’t hold the joy it used to

Remember when you first got together and cuddling in bed was amazing and new and romantic? Yeah, that stopped being cute years ago. Yes, you probably love each other more now but you also annoy each other a whole lot more.

You’ve named random objects around your house and now they have different personalities too

What do you want? The spatula? What’s that? I don’t get what you’re talking about… Oh, you want Bob! Well sure, here’s Bob.

You care less about what he gets you for your birthday and more about the fact that he did the dishes for you

Yes, he did the dishes for you when it was your turn and that is so much sweeter and kinder than buying me something crazy expensive for your birthday.

Sniff each other to decide if you need to shower

You no longer do the armpit sniff test for yourself, why would you when you’ve got your partner to check your pits for you? They’ll happily tell you when you’re a bit on the stinky side and need to get a shower right now.

You pull seriously ugly faces at each other because you know you’ll still love each other anyway

The days of pretending to be perfect around your partner are long gone, now you can throw out all of your grossest faces at them and know that they’ll still stick around and love you.

What do you think of our list of weird things that every couple does when they’ve been together for years? What’s the weirdest thing you do with your other half? Do you have a strange and embarrassing things that you and your partner both do now?

Click on for even more weird things that only people in relationships can relate to!

Making faces to each other can last a lifetime!

This is  fun way to let each other know that we appreciate them for who they are on the inside and humor is only one of the many things that we love about each other. Honestly, if you cannot laugh with your partner than you are probably not in the right kind of relationship to begin with. They often say that laughter is the best medicine and that’s so true on many levels! There’s really nothing better than having someone to be humorous with because that’s often the glue that keeps the relationship strong.

Here are 38 more things that only people in relationships can possibly relate to…

1. Telling each other “I love you” by farting in front of each other, because they are the only person you are comfortable enough with to do that.

2. You partner putting their alarm clock in snooze mode every five minutes when they have to get up earlier than you. There’s no chance for you to sleep in!

3. Sending each other weird and deliberately ugly selfies even if you are just one room away.

Image result for ugly selfies

4. Secretly using each other’s beauty products, regardless of gender.

5. Putting on matching clothes by mistake and deciding to change because, guess what? You’re not senior citizens (yet)


6. Returning home seconds after you’ve already left the house because you forgot to give your significant other a goodbye kiss.

7. Spending HOURS deciding what you’re going to have for dinner – basically
telling each other, “You choose,” and, “I’m fine with everything,” and, “Ugh, everything BUT pizza/Chinese/sushi…”

8. Trying on each other’s clothes and actually finding that it looks great whenever it fits.

9. Trying to have a movie night on the couch and ending up falling asleep after browsing Netflix for hours to find the right film/show.

10. Texting each other from the bathroom that you need toilet paper.

11. Fighting over how to fold the laundry.

12. Slowly getting annoyed by each other’s loud chewing.

13. Fighting over who should replace the empty toilet paper roll! (The one who took the last sheet or the one who needs a new roll while going to the bathroom?)

14. Taking off your bra/street clothes in front of each other the second you enter the house because you’re at home and you want to feel comfy, alright?


15. Rearranging everything in the dishwasher after your S.O. loaded it because they did it “the wrong way.”

16. Secretly watching something on Netflix without your S.O. And then pretending to watch it for the first time when you get to watch it together.


17. Passive aggressively leaving your dirty dishes in the sink or on the kitchen counter when you’re mad at each other.

18. Fighting over where to put your “too dirty to put it back in the closet, but not dirty enough to wash”-clothes…and then moving the pile of clothes from your side of the bed to their side anyway.

19. Fighting over how to squeeze the tube of toothpaste.

20. Making up after a fight by having sex.

21. Falling asleep while watching a movie, but yelling “I’m still watching!” when your s.o. Is trying to turning it off.

22. Leaving the room on movie night to get something from the kitchen/or go for a pee break without pausing the film and then asking, “What did I miss?” after coming back.

23. Permanently fighting about WHERE to clip your nails. (“That’s gross, can you do it in the bathroom?!” “But I’m watching this show right now!”)

24. Getting annoyed by your s.o. leaving everything slightly open (drawers, doors, shower curtains) and ending up doing it by yourself EVERYtime.

25. Turning off the lights in a room that your babe just left in a SLIGHTLY passive-aggressive way.

26. Ordering something for your partner and lying about the price.


27. Sharing the bathroom and being totally okay with talking to each other while one of you is taking a shower and the other one is sitting on the toilet/brushing their teeth.

28. Warning your s.o. to “wait a few minutes” before entering the bathroom because you just pooped.


29. Eating each other’s leftovers.

30. Doing all the chores to turn them on.

31. Getting ready for bed before having sex because you’re all about efficiency. 

32. Closing the curtains in panic because your S.O. is running around naked in the house and you don’t really want to put a show on for the neighbors. (Or, IDK, maybe you do?!)

33. Telling each other a story by yelling it across the house/apartment because neither of you wants to leave the room you’re in.

34. Fighting over who adjusted the thermostat and also what the “right” temperature is at home to a) not freeze to death or b) not melt away.

35. Secretly hiding your significant other’s clothes you ruined after cleaning them wrong accidentally and hoping they don’t notice.

36. Not flushing the toilet they’re about to use because it’s a waste of water.

37. Smelling each other’s clothes to check if they need a wash.

38. And finally, doing a stupid dance in front of each other while you’re cooking/cleaning the house/getting ready in the bathroom because you know you’re each other’s best audience!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this silly list. A lot of these remind me on my hubby Walt.

Happy Brad Pitt GIF

Periods are horrible. They are essentially biological ninjas that can surprise you at any minute, and they can make the next couple of days a living hell. They ruin our favorite knickers and make us go crazy for days on end, as we feel like our ovaries are being torn apart. Not only that but we have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for tampons and pads. It’s ridiculous!

Most people go through terrible cramps, emotions, and hormones that are all over the place, and the constant fear of bleeding through. So here are

1. We Get Emotional Very Quickly.

Most guys won’t understand how easily we can go from happy and normal, to crying like we’ve to witness Dobby die right in front of us. It’s terrible. I once cried because I had eaten all of the chocolate, and then cried some more when my boyfriend bought me some more. It’s like we live in two constant states of being when we’re on our period. Angry or crying, and if we’re not one of them, then we’re usually just emotionally confused.

2. The Terrifying Moment When You’re Period Comes Out Of Nowhere…

As much as this is not a scientifically accurate representation of what happens when you start your period, many of us know this is exactly how it feels like. While some people are frequent and can spot the signs when they’re due, so they can prepare, many don’t know. You could be in the middle of work, or even clothes shopping when you just feel it… It’s terrifying. But nowhere near as terrifying as trying to search for a pad or a tampon in your purse.

3. The Pain.

Periods hurt like hell, and almost everyone has a bad time dealing with the cramps. But it’s not only menstrual cramps that we have to endure, we also have to put up with some seriously sore and sensitive boobs. It’s seriously not as fun as it sounds.