20 Glitches In The Matrix That Will Make Your Head Spin

20 Glitches In The Matrix That Will Make Your Head Spin

5. Flower power

The hair doesn’t match exactly, and neither do the blouses if you look at them closely. Still, to be honest, these two being in the same place at the same time kinda freaks me out a bit.

Plot twist: this photo was taken by another woman with blonde hair and a floral top. Maybe.


I have no idea what kind of natural phenomenon or optical illusion is going on here, but I absolutely love it. It’s like some kind of giant rainbow octopus! I wish I knew where this picture was taken.

7. We’re blue, da ba dee da ba daa

What’s weird about this photo is that I don’t actually know if these two are identical twins or not. Look at the facial expression of the one behind – she seems a little freaked out that there’s someone at the museum who looks exactly like her, with the same hair, minus a few changes to hairstyle. I dunno, the jury’s out on this one.

8. Copy and paste

These two have to be identical twins. What I wonder about identical twins is WHY do they always dress in identical outfits, even as adults? Is it just to confuse everyone else and mess with their heads? I love the canary yellow colour of their shirts though.


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