20 Glitches In The Matrix That Will Make Your Head Spin

20 Glitches In The Matrix That Will Make Your Head Spin

Identical twins are amazing. I mean, regular twins can be disorienting enough, but coming across two different people who look EXACTLY the same always makes my head spin.

A lot of the time they like to have fun with it, and most often dress the same and go out in public to confuse people while the go about their day. Here are bunch of times that identical twins won at life, as well as some other enjoyable glitches in the matrix:

1.  Why yes, these legs DO go all the way up

This is very impressive, on a number of different levels. For some reason, I imagine most of the red-blooded male readers among you have already found your favourite pic from this gallery.

2. Attack of the clones

This woman is pretty brave to be sitting in the middle of whatever matrix glitch is happening here. I mean, they’re even writing in the exact same way. If the red-haired lady isn’t careful she’s going to become one of them before her journey ends.

3. I’m seeing double here – FOUR identical twins!

I said for the first one that you guys out there had found your favourite picture from this gallery. Well, I might’ve been wrong about that. They must drive the guys pretty wild in their hometown.

4. Blitzkreig Bop

These three remind me of a punk group I used to love from the 70s called The Ramones. They wore leather jackets, tight blue jeans, and sneakers, just like these 3. Still, there were 4 of them in The Ramones, so they’ll need another member.


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