20 Embarrassing Beauty Trends That All 90s & 00s Kids Were Guilty Of

20 Embarrassing Beauty Trends That All 90s & 00s Kids Were Guilty Of

Hindsight is a wonderful thing…

Don’t get us wrong, being a 90s kid was incredible. We had Clarissa Explains It All, The Spice Girls, Tamagotchi’s, Bubble Bags and Snap Bracelets. It was THE BEST. However, as we moved into the 00s era and entered the notoriously awkward adolescent phase of life, there were trends of a different kind which caught our eye. Beauty trends.

We were all desperate to capture the look of our musical heroes or our favourite soap stars. We’d pull out our £10 pocket money and head down to the nearest Collection 2000 stand and go on an absolute make-up rampage. At the time, we thought that we looked so FLY, but as we look back now as respectable, elegant, sophisticated adults (lol), we realise that we looked slightly ridiculous and although it hurts to admit it, crimped hair was not a good look. 

Top of The Pops and Saved By The Bell have a LOT to answer for…

1) Eyebrows so thin they were almost non-existant

We would lose our sh*t if we misplaced our trusty tweezers. It was also popular for our brows to resemble tadpoles. Sexy.

2) The Zig-Zag Part

We still secretly think this is kinda cute. We wish it was acceptable to turn up to work with a zig-zag part.

3) Stiff strands

However, we are SO glad that the strands are now gone for good.

4) Baby buns


Gwen Stefani was probably the most 90s person who ever existed. Here she is perfectly modelling the infamous ‘baby buns’ trend. We don’t think they’ll be making a comeback anytime soon…

5) Foundation Lips


We thought it made our eyes stand out- in reality it made us look like a corpse.

6) Tooth gems

Pair this with some baby-buns and we were ready to hit the town!

7) Blue eyeshadow

The brighter the better.

8) Frosted Lips

It’s rumoured that frosted lips are making a huge comeback this year. Get your lip glosses at the ready girls…

9) The un-sutble lip liner

Team a lip liner 5x darker than your frosted lips and you were SLAYING it.

10) Side ponytails

So chic

11) Crimped hair

*waits two hours and a half for crimpers to heat up*

12) Tinted sunglasses


We felt so trendy swanning into the airport in our pink tinted sunglasses ready for our holiday.

13) So… Kiss me?

Every 15 year old on the planet was drenched in this stuff for a while.

14) Chunky highlights

The more unnatural looking, the better.

15) Scrunched hair

We can still feel the hard, crunchy texture now. *shudder*

16) Sh*tty hair extensions

Going to the market to buy these strands of synthetic, wispy hair was a Saturday morning ritual for a while.

17) The 00s fake tan and bronzer overload


Swiftly after the 90s when we sported foundation two times lighter than our skin tone, we made a complete 180 and literally covered ourselves in  Rimmel Sun Shimmer and Collection 2000 bronzing pearls.

18) The twisty half bun

A ballet bun was far too neat and sophisticated.  Updos in the ’90s were nothing if they weren’t spikey and topped off with twisted strands.

19) Hair jewels

The ultimate party hair accessory.

20) The hair flip 

Copying the Olsens was always a fail-proof way to be cool. However, if you weren’t blessed with naturally straight hair, you’d have to wait hours for your straighteners to heat up so you could achieve the perfect ‘flick’. Kids these days don’t know how easy they have it…


What do you think of these nostalgic beauty trends? Are there any that you’d love to see make a comeback? Let us know in the comments!