21 Times Pets Were Caught Red Handed

21 Times Pets Were Caught Red Handed

Most of us have this grand an unrealistic idea in our heads about what our pets do when we’re not at home.

While I’m at work I like to think that my pet is sleeping like the little angel I imagine them to be, but in reality, I know that’s far from the truth.

Most of the time my pets, and your pets are up to no good.

Let’s be honest, as adorable as our pets are, they can be evil little pests too. I saw that with not only love but also with the knowledge that it’s pretty damn true!

But there are some moments in our life where our four-legged friends get caught in the act.

It’s always funny to see their reaction to being caught because you can see that they’ve realized they’ve been busted.

It’s utterly hilarious (and frustrating) to see what mischief they’ve been up to while you were out or while you weren’t looking. 

So here are a few hilarious photos which show pets who got caught in the act!

Team Work

It’s teamwork. He catches the fish and the cat eats the fish!


Whoops! It looks like someone has been caught red handed!

Paper Round

‘I caught him with my newspaper. The cat lives three blocks away.’

Caught In The Act

Is it me or is that go really cute when he’s found out he’s busted!

My Buns

Those cinnamon buns aren’t for you, little kitty.

They’re Mine!

That’s one determined cat!

Pan Cat

This cat really loves pancakes!

A Criminal Makeover

Crime has never looked so good!

No Where To Run

I like how he thought hiding would be a good idea!

Killer Cat

I think my cat hates me for some reason.

Cute Criminal

He’s too cute to be in trouble!

Stealing Shoes Since 2009

Isn’t he adorable?


If only stealing candy from a baby was easy for cats…


Welcome to cat prison.

Backward Ears

This little guy has his ears back whenever he’s in trouble!


‘Help me out here…’

Puppy Crime

He’s trying to steal the treats in his mom’s bag…


That cake looked yummy until the cat ate it!

Breakfast Time

I think someone is hungry.

Balloon Bust

I wonder if he’ll fly off with that balloon.

Nice Try

He’s pretending to be asleep so he can get closer to my breakfast.

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