19 Times Women Had The Perfect Response To Classic Examples Of Sexism

19 Times Women Had The Perfect Response To Classic Examples Of Sexism

When my aunt was in her late 20s people used to rudely ask her “Why aren’t you married yet?” and she’d reply “Just lucky, I guess.”

Ah, the classic sexist joke.

Let’s face it, we all love a bit of a light-hearted debate on the web from time to time. Sometimes talking about the most random of topics can have us howling in our seats and provide just the pick-up we needed when we’re having a bit of a down day. Yet, when a joke takes on a sexist connotation we’re all of a sudden engulfed by a wave of negative emotions to the point we’re bashing our keyboards in rage. After all, there are few things worse than feeling belittled because of your gender.
Plenty of us have been there at some point, you’re scrolling down the page, you glance across and your eyes immediately roll to the back of your head as you see someone post a joke about making a sandwich. Maybe it’s the ironing one doing the rounds and you can bet your life at some point someone will have written one about female drivers. 
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Needless to say after a while it’s pretty frustrating and ultimately mind-numbingly boring.
It might be reassuring for you however, to know that for every inexplicable sexist criticism made, there is usually a confident women ready to pipe up and provide a witty and often cunning response to it. 
Here we’ve found 19 brilliant examples of just that; females pulling out the perfect responses to bullsh*t remarks. So sit back, relax and most of all enjoy these ladies setting the record straight.
And people say feminists don’t have a sense of humour…


1. When this guy forgot about basic human biology


This guys understanding of a woman’s body is clearly lacking, as are his experiences with them apparently. Wasn’t there this thing called sex education back in high school? Body hair is of course perfectly normal and something you should never have to hide!



2. When Instagram’s censorship rules didn’t make any sense



It’s common knowledge that directly looking at a women’s nipple will turn you to stone, or was it that you spontaneously combust? I forget but men’s however are completely fine…



3. When the perfect comeback just rolls off the tongue


Is it just me or could he be spending his time and money on something more important? Like designing women’s clothes that actually have usable pockets.


4. When this women turned the oldest joke in the book on it’s head


Not a bad way to answer your critics. Talk about girl power!


5. When someone decided catcalling had to have weird consequences


Most people just carry on walking, some turn around looking unimpressed and one particular girl did this…



6. When this celebrity got her priorities spot on


Lili Reinhart – who stars in Netflix’s Riverdale as Betty – recently posted a picture of herself ready to chow down on a tasty plate of  fried chicken and chips.


Of course this is absolutely ludicrous and a girl subsequently made her feelings known about it. Fortunately, Lili was on-hand to respond with just what we all needed to hear.



7. When you just have to say it how it is


Amen to that.


8. When someone tries to be clever but gets severely burned as a result


Who’d have thought you could use search engines as the basis for an argument about gender? I’m clearly not clever enough for all this.


9. When Susan Sarandon had the perfect response to a particular critic


Having been unfairly criticised by Piers Morgan time and again for wearing a cleavage-showing V-neck at the SAG awards, she produced this gem of a #TBT to perfectly encapsulate how little she and the rest of us care.


10. When this girl knew the importance of looking beyond someone’s dress sense


She’s hit the nail on the head there, besides I’d be scared to take a pair of trainers that cost that much outside anyway.


11. When this girl took matters into her own hands


How dare she not treat every mundane task like a cat-walk, who does she think she is? This must have been one slow news day.


12. And then this girl followed suit


I don’t know about you but if I see a bowl of crispy golden chips, I see very little else until i’ve demolished it.


13. …And whilst we’re covering ridiculous headlines


Abortion is a controversial topic at the best of times, so it seems only right that men are the only ones that can talk about it…


14. When one of the greatest pictures on the internet was posted


This girl leads the way when it comes to showing off body-positivity and being proud of the skin your in despite what anybody says to or about you. I think her attitude is pretty freekin’ awesome!


Plus I think i’ve found a solution to never having usable pockets for my phone.


15. When this comeback scared a man right through to his core


If only we could all be equally quick-whitted and creepy in these kind of situations.


16. When these ladies teamed up to take this guy’s confidence down a peg or two


Lesson: don’t mess with the women of the internet… you will lose. We’re crazy and we stick together.


Shots fired.


17. When you can’t help but laugh


In amongst the vast spectrum of social media there are plenty of instances of blokes declaring that a women’s rightful place is in the kitchen, finding it hilarious doing so and thinking nothing of it. But every so often you find a hidden nugget like this and the world seems ok again.


18. When someone perfectly sums up the issue of feminism

Couldn’t have put it better myself.


19. When Anna Kendrick pointed out what’s wrong with Hollywood

Someone once said: “men age like wine, women age like milk”, well I say Angelina Jolie looks pretty darn good and Micky Rourke looks like he’s melting.



And finally.. it’s nice to know that there are plenty of men out there doing their bit to fight our cause too!




At the end of the day, these women (and man) have shown that sexism is no match for positivity and huge amounts of sarcasm!

What do you think of these? Have you ever seen any gender bias online that’s got you so infuriated you could explode? Comment and let me know… plus don’t forget to share so I can know your friends opinions too!