19 Things All Women Do That Annoy Men

19 Things All Women Do That Annoy Men

Because obviously we were all put on this planet for no other reason than to please men, of course.

I get it, we all do things that annoy each other, but what is it about stuff that only gets on the opposite sex’s nerves?

Why are there some things that men do that all other men think are fine, but they drive women up the wall?

Well, it’s the same the other way around too.

So here are those things that really annoy the boys. So you can make sure you do them much, much more in the future.


1. Taking longer than them to get ready

From the opposite perspective, there’s another more annoying than when you’re getting ready to go out than a man standing there puffing his cheeks and looking at his watch. Next time your boyfriend does that, offer to do his make up too – oh wait, except, he won’t be wearing any. Sure a bunch of that time was spent deciding what to wear… or maybe sitting on the bed playing on our iPad… but these things can’t be rushed, mkay?

2. Having to stop off at places all the time to pee

How can something you can’t stop or even help irritate someone? I mean, it’s just gravity for girls, right? At least men have to put some pressure… or effort… or something, into it. I don’t know how these things work! Anyway, using the bathroom is more of a social event for the girls than the boys!

3. Talking throughout a movie

Okay, this annoys anybody and everybody, it doesn’t matter what equipment you have down your pants. Everybody gets a little lost during complex movies, and nobody minds explaining what’s going on. But sitting there asking, “Who’s that?”, “Is that her sister?”, “Is he a bad guy? Why did he do that?” is infuriating. If the boys think girls do it more often, then maybe they shouldn’t force us to watch such cr*ppy movies.

4. Asking too many questions

Well, excuse us for trying to keep the conversation going. I forgot that we all lived in one giant freakin’ library! Anyway if we just sat there every night and didn’t say a thing like men tend to, they would think something was wrong, am I right ladies?

5. Asking things like “why’s this there?”

Basically nagging. All men seem to think we do is nag, nag, nag. Like it’s the go-to female hobby that we all brush up on in our youth. Nobody nags or complains without a good reason, so if there’s a wet towel on the bed or a dirty cup on the coffee table, expect a freakin’ inquiry, geniuses!

6. Wearing something ever so slightly too short

Look, we’ve all been there. We put a dress on, it feels great at home, it looks great in the mirror. We go out and suddenly we feel like the whole world is watching, all because it’s two inches above the knee rather than one. Sorry if this gets mentioned you guys, really sorry!

7. Lying about how long we’re going to be to get ready

Hey, that is a freakin’ ESTIMATE that we just gave you! It’s not legally freakin’ binding that we said we would be 15 minutes and then we actually took 20. Like we already said, standing there grunting and tutting ain’t gonna make these eyebrows get painted on any faster, bub!

8. Moaning about having nothing to wear

Alright, maybe we should just make a public service announcement here about this, so here goes. PSA: when we say “I have nothing to wear”, fellers, it doesn’t literally mean ‘there are no clothes that I want to wear in my closet’. It means “I have nothing that I feel will look good today but I will find something in a minute”. OKAY?! Okay.

9. Being indecisive about food

Men. Fellers, dudes, lads… boys… let me get this straight with you… if YOU chose to start dating a girl who doesn’t know what they want to eat, that is on YOU, my friend. Because I know for a fact that most of us start planning what to eat for dinner the second we finish our lunch! So don’t come at me with that freakin’ attitude

10. Saying ‘I’m fine’ when you’re not

So on the one hand, we moan too much and nag you all the time and be constantly negative. But on the other hand when we’re not in the mood for an argument right now so we just say everything is fine… that’s no good either? Sheesh, and you think women are temperamental?

11. Going quiet when you’re annoyed

Then there’s the classic silent treatment. That’s a step up from ‘I’m fine’. When a girl goes silent, you KNOW you have really annoyed her. So rather than moaning about it boys, why not take a hint and leave your girl the heck alone? Go play some XBox until we simmer down!

12. Being annoyed when somebody doesn’t invite you somewhere

Oh and I guess you would be fine about it if your friends all got themselves tickets to the ball game and went without you and posted about it on social media. Meanwhile, you didn’t even get asked. That would be okay with you, right? I thought not. Now step off!

13. Bringing things up from the past

Now, this is just freakin’ jealousy, plain and simple. You guys WISH you had a memory half as good as your girls’! She can remember that time, place, date, what she was wearing and what the freakin’ weather was like that time you annoyed her. Why bring it up now? Because she was giving you the silent treatment then! Sheesh!

14. Being subtly jealous of other girls

As we have just seen, jealousy is never attractive. Oftentimes it can’t be helped though. So you know what the solution to this one is, boys? Keep your eyes off of other women!

15. Being tired, or moaning about how tired you are

Hey, it is HARD WORK being this perfect, alright?

16. Self-consciousness

Well, excuse us for the whole world including the media and the internet putting up images of perfect bodies you can’t actually get all of the time.

17. Comparing your relationship to other peoples’

18. Lying about your age.

Most men have no problem with their own age and yet, when they hear their lady lying about her own, it just seems unnecessary! Plus, now he’s obligated to remember the lie that you told when anybody asks him about the age of his lady. Another thing that sticks in the back of his mind is if he’s been lied to about your age since the beginning. In which case, he has to wonder how old you really are!

19. How you gossip about everyone!

Honestly, can you hold your tongue about anything? Apparently not! Of course, he can’t seem to understand how or why you would want to keep up on all of the details that surround someone else’s life! Even so, perhaps you can just keep this stuff between yourself and your lady friends because chances are, he’s not interested!

Boys, we’re just trying to get you to work harder, okay? Katie’s boyfriend doesn’t really bring her a bunch of flowers and cook for her every night when he gets home We just want you to do that. Once.

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