19 Pictures That Are Quite Unsettling And Will Leave You Feeling Weird

19 Pictures That Are Quite Unsettling And Will Leave You Feeling Weird

There’s something really unnerving about these images. You might even regret looking…

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So you must be a least a little weird if you’ve been curious enough to want to see the pictures that are about to come. Let me tell you, these images aren’t for the faint-hearted. That’s not because they’re seriously gross or sickening, they’re just not right. Have I got you even more interested?

We have compiled a list of outright bizarre pictures and I’m just gonna show you them now because there just isn’t much more explanation I can give. You’ll see what I mean…

1. The Earrings That No One Ever Wanted. Ever.

The only logical reason I can think for her doing this is that she didn’t want to risk losing the condom, which is fair enough! However, has it been pierced by an earring? Because that could make the whole plan ineffective…

2. What’s For Dinner? Noodles From A Toilet Bowl!

Does anyone else really struggle to look at this image? So unsettling.

3. That Is Seriously Unnerving

I’m not sure I’d want to stay in that house overnight.

4. Nothing Like A Baby To Remind You You’re Old

One grab and you’re back to reality!

5. Where Do We Begin With This One

I’m very, very confused but there is no part of me that wants answers.

6. You’ll Never Want To Step On An Escalator Again

How on earth did this happen?! This is very concerning and I’m definitely taking the stairs from now on…

7. There Is Nothing Okay About This Purse

Yes, that’s right, you read that correctly. This is a real purse. A meat purse. All I can wonder is what possessed someone to buy it?

8. When This Happens, It Feels Like The End

Yes, I buy donuts that come with jam filling BECAUSE I LIKE THE JAM FILLING.

9. Welcome To Hell!

If walking past that isn’t unsettling, unnerving and completely terrifying then I don’t know what is!

10. Anyone Who Bought This Card Is Crazy

That is NOT something I want to discuss or bring up with my mom. Seriously, I’d rather not think about that.

11. Never Ruin A Pop Tart Like This.

That is legit a crime. What a waste of a precious, delicious, mouth-watering vanilla latte pop tart. I just can’t deal with this. I can’t even look at it any longer.

12. This THICC Tree

If this tree grew a fruit, it’d be PEACH (The terrible jokes are free).

13. This Grape Is Making Us Feel Weird

There is no way I could eat this. Could you?!

14. The Jeans Made For Bow Legged Cowboys

I bet these are gonna sell out! Strange doesn’t even cut it…

15. I Am Really Struggling To Look At This

That is some seriously disturbing stuff. I’m so confused why someone thought to do this and why on earth it was necessary.

16. Erm, That Kinda Defeats The Entire Point Of A Hanger?

I feel like that’s a bit of a balancing act. Knock one down and you knock them all. Well, it’s their fault If I knock ’em!

17. This One Will Make You Feel Sick

I did warn you but I still apologise. Because that is just too gross to look at. How could you ruin a pizza like that?! It’s nearly enough to put me off for life…

18. This One Gives Me Chills At The Thought Of It Happening To Me…

…and no one telling me! Who took this photo?! I hope they let the poor guy know! Doesn’t it give you shivers though? The ultimate nightmare.

19. I Apologise For What You Are About To See

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There is no reason under any circumstances ever that this needs to happen.

Well Acidheads, first off I’d like to apologise for this horrifyingly strange list that I’ve just made you read through. Did it freak you out? Of course, it did, that was a rhetorical question…Let us know what you think by commenting on our Facebook post and don’t forget to share this with your friends! Peace out for now!