19 Passive Aggressive Notes From People Who Have Just Had Enough

19 Passive Aggressive Notes From People Who Have Just Had Enough

Listen, we understand being angry at the stupid stuff the people we work with do. The unending mountain of dirty coffee cups by the sink, the fact that the toilet seat is always either up or covered in pee, the way people eat your food that you were REALLY looking forward to. It’s a nightmare, we get it, but if you’re going to post a passive aggressive note about it we now insist that it at least be as creative as one of these 19 amazingly angry passive aggressive notes. Just look at these and take some much needed inspiration.

1. It’s not just a mouldy cup, it’s science!

This person isn’t just angry at this mug, oh no, he’s angry enough to have come up with a full narrative about a scientist and type it out in full. That’s not your average level of anger!

2. I thought this was gonna turn into a yo mama joke

Yo mama’s so passive aggressive she keeps post it notes in business!

3. There’s only one correct way to respond to these notes and that’s with mockery.

Bonus points for the song lyrics, a solid ten out of ten right there.

4. Just in case you weren’t sure what to do next

This needs a number 6 reminding you to go to the bathroom when the time comes.

5. I’m too angry for spelling!

I mean seriously, if you’re gonna leave an angry note at least spell check it first to save you the embarrassment!

6. I don’t think this is going to have the effect you desired.

If anything, you’ve now just alerted more people to the fact that there’s delicious cheese in the fridge. You really didn’t think this through, huh?

7. It takes a special kind of anger to go bilingual.

You could have just made your angry point in one language, but that’s not enough, you NEED to use two.

8. Adding insult to injury.

Yes, leaving a passive aggressive note is a little much but can we take a minute to think about the fact that someone took a sandwich out of the fridge, dismantled it, stuck it back together and then put it back into the fridge? That’s some pretty weird behaviour right there.

9. Someone really hates boxes

I don’t know what that box had done to deserve such hate scrawled all over it, but it must have been something REALLY irritating.

10. I have had ENOUGH with all this tissue taking!

What are you people, savages? Keep your tissue usage to an acceptable level!


They just want to make sure you were serious, glad we cleared that up.

12. This person is going through a very emotional time

Have you ever had a mug disappear on you? It can be very distressing, I assure you!

13. Please, won’t somebody think of the post its!

I’m loving the creativity on this one though, full points for artistic variety you guys!

14. It is? I was so sure it was above the bench!

Well you learn something new every day!

15. This person has been scared by their colleagues one too many times.

They must have screamed embarrassingly loudly if they’re harboring this much anger about it.

16. We’re jammin’!

I hope you like jammin’ too!

17. For real though? FOR REAL?

Sorry, but the beans and tupperware are gone, my friend. For real.

18. It is known!

Sometimes the responses to the passive aggressive note make everything about the original note a hundred times better. This is one of those times.

19. This person probably thought they were being cute. News flash – they weren’t!

I hope somebody found out who left this note and ate their food.

Did that get all of the passive aggression out of your system? I hope it did, or at least it gave you some really good ideas for your next furious post it session. What’s the funniest passive aggressive note you’ve ever seen? Let us know with a friendly COMMENT and don’t forget to SHARE this with your friends! If you don’t I’ll leave you a whole pack of angry post it notes.