18 Real People Share Their Weirdest ‘Psycho Ex’ Stories

18 Real People Share Their Weirdest ‘Psycho Ex’ Stories

“She threatened to cut off my dogs d*ck.. So yeah”

Dating is tough. Break-ups are even harder. 

It’s part of life- you’ll meet someone and think that the sun shines out of their ass for a couple of months, and then all of a sudden things just don’t go to plan or you’ll have a gut feeling that the person just isn’t for you. In an ideal world, relationships would end in a respectful, dignified manner and both people would be left feeling generally okay about the whole situation. After all, there’s plenty more fish in the sea. 

However, this isn’t always the case. Unrequited love can drive a person CRAZY and hurting someone’s pride can send them into a frenzy of anger and revenge. 

When emotions are high and self-esteem is low, you can sometimes do things completely out of character and you can act on your instincts rather than thinking through exactly what you’re doing and how you’re coming across. We’ve all been there at some point or another (but definitely not to the extent of threatening to cut off a dog’s d*ck).

‘Psycho ex’ is a topic that these Reddit users know far too well…

1) “Me and my ex broke up the week before Glastonbury festival but we’d already paid for tickets and still wanted to go with our mutual friends. On the first night whilst I was elsewhere watching a band, he packed up my tent and all of my things and dumped them God knows where- because he decided I’d ‘been possessed by demons’. He ‘thoughtfully’ left my sleeping bag out in the open for me though.”

2) “My ex left some things at my house and told me it would be too hard to see me again to pick them up so asked if I could leave my place unlocked so she could quickly go and collect them. She brought her mom and 2 sisters along and stole everything of value and trashed my house. Smashed all the windows, cut up the sofa, kicked holes in the walls. She then told me it was like that when she got there and that it must have been burglars since I’d left it unlocked.”

3) “My ex broke into my house left an engagement ring on my bed and a note saying how he’d masterbated in my sheets because they smelled like me.”

4) “She threatened to cut off my dogs d*ck.. So yeah”

5) “I broke up with a guy 11 years ago after dating for two months. Eleven years later, he still calls my parents and grandparents trying to get my phone number.”

6) “I broke up with a girl, I use the term broke up with loosely because we dated for six weeks. Anyways, she said that she was pregnant. She maintained this for 9 months, she would send me pictures of ultra sounds, and after the baby was born, she’d send pictures of her breastfeeding, and in little outfits. I asked for the paperwork to have the kid added to my benefits, and a DNA test. Once I tried to do what I thought was the right thing, despite my freaking the f*ck out, it came out that it was her friends baby all along.”

7) “My ex tried to get her new husband to fight me. Two years after she had been married. SHE broke up with ME!”

8) “My ex bought the house across the street from me, and would tap on my window at 3-4 am every morning without fail”.

9) “My ex pretended to be pregnant. Showed me faked ultrasound pictures. The penny dropped for me when it had been 6 months since our last “meeting” and she hadn’t grown at all.”

10) “My ex got one of her friends to steal one of my credit cards which I barely use in a bar and booked them both a trip to Disney World. I didn’t find out until a month later when I got my bank statement- I couldn’t believe my eyes!”

11) “My ex killed a random bird from my garden and wrote ‘Tinder Slut’ in it’s blood across my garage door.”

12) “My ex stole my car keys (I thought I’d just misplaced them at the time). A few weeks later I went on a date with a guy and he popped up from the backseat whilst I was driving and begged me not to go. Never been so freaked out in my life.”

13) “I was on a date with a girl about a month after I split up with my ex. We were sat on the park having a picnic and then suddenly out of nowhere, my ex came up and squirted me in the face with a water gun. But one of those HUGE super soaker water guns, and then ran off as I sat there dripping wet and confused”.

14) “I broke up with my ex because he cheated on me. I came home to find a running water hose in my mailbox. Weird AF”

15) “My ex set up a fake profile on a dating site after we broke up and I unknowingly chatted for months to this girl who I started to really like. We decided to meet up and when we did- it was of course my ex. She sat there laughing like a psychopath and threw Cheetos at me”.

16) “My ex GF stole her younger brother’s car and moved into my family’s summer home 290 miles away in another state. No one knew for half a year. When we finally went there, she was sat in the garden having a cocktail, looking through old photos of us”

17) “He left a dead rose in my mailbox after calling my house about 100 times. He called later and asked if I liked my “present” and told me that’s how he feels without me, dead and withered. Somehow, I was not moved to take him back.”

18) “My ex hacked into my emails and found out where I was going on vacation with my girlfriends. He sneakily booked into the same hotel and somehow broke into my room. He trashed the place and pooped on my pillow”.


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