18 Pictures About Never Having Money That We Relate To

18 Pictures About Never Having Money That We Relate To

Talk about champagne tastes on a beer budget…

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Okay, I think we can all agree that payday is the best day of the month. And the worst day of the month comes shortly after when you realise you splurged and spent your entire paycheck way too quick! Yeah, I think we can pretty much all relate to having tastes much more high-dollar than our salaries!

With that said, we’ve compiled a list of funny pictures, memes and tweets made by internet users that feel the same. So take a moment to look through and relate because these are hilarious. And besides, it’s a minute or two where you’re not spending!

1. “I’ve got two dollars, I’m gonna make it count”

If you’re in the mood to go out, ain’t nothing gonna stop you! So hold on tight to those notes and hope people will offer to buy you drinks all night!

2. “Your free trial has ended. Please select your-“

3. Everyone has a dark side

It only takes one word with one’s self to change your mind drastically and next thing you know you’re in McDonalds ordering a large big mac meal!

4. “You can’t be broke if you don’t check your bank account”

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This is some genius logic right here! Anyone ever avoided their bank account like the plague? Yeah, I thought so.

5. Everyone can relate

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I don’t know how I can spend an entire paycheck on food, but best believe I do!

6. In the supermarket, acting confused…

You frantically say “There’s definitely enough money in there!” Ladies, try to remember next time; thou doth protest too much.

7. This is a bit depressing

This One's For The Birds is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 27 Funny Memes About Being Bad With Money

I don’t even wanna imagine how many people who would click if there was a ‘Like’ button right now.

8. Looking through the bank accountImage result for oh yeah that was the pretzel i bought at the mall

You start by being confused to where all your money has gone, then the realisation happens and reality kicks in and all you can do is smile along and think about how that pretzel was worth every cent.

9. Your theme song

Your Theme Song is listed (or ranked) 17 on the list 27 Funny Memes About Being Bad With Money

This made us LOL. That’s all.

10. Go away parents, I don’t have good answers!

Mom, Leave Me Alone (And Send is listed (or ranked) 18 on the list 27 Funny Memes About Being Bad With Money

It’s so depressing when they make you come clean. Yes, I have no self-control, thanks for reminding me!

11. When you can’t work where it’s all gone

Math Is Hard is listed (or ranked) 19 on the list 27 Funny Memes About Being Bad With Money

I always try to make the number fit the way I want them to because ignorance is bliss.

12. We have our priorities straight

Priorities is listed (or ranked) 26 on the list 27 Funny Memes About Being Bad With Money

You made the right choice! Because who needs lighting, gas and substance to live off when Chanel just brought out a brand new red lipstick?

13. This is a regular occurrence for big spenders!

Image result for i'm done spending money surprise saleNothing makes us move quicker than a sale! We’ll spend our last cents on it if we have to!

14. This always happens?!

If you don’t have this shock every single month of your life, are you even alive? It just disappears I swear!

15. We all have the devil on our shoulders

I blame the devil! I blame the voice in my head. It definitely made me buy that $100 purse…

16. So true

Max out your credit cards, take out a loan, do what you can because you NEED that denim jacket!

17. Just play dumb, just play dumb…

Honestly, I swear I have no idea where the money has gone! *trips over boxes of shoes and a brand new tennis racket*

18. When you think your saving money…

That’s a great deal, isn’t it? Might as well get the 100!

Congratulations! You’ve managed to go a full couple of minutes without spending money! You should be so proud. Can you relate to this, Acidheads? Do you splurge your paycheck the second you get it? What bad habits do you have? Comment on our Facebook post, we’d love to hear from you!