18 Pictures On Google Earth That’ll Definitely Make You Look Twice

18 Pictures On Google Earth That’ll Definitely Make You Look Twice

The magic of modern technology means that we are able to see things never before thought possible- unfortunately, what we see isn’t always what we expected.

Look at Google Earth for example. If you’d have said to me twenty years ago that there would be a way to see every inch of the globe from the comfort of my couch, I’d have said you were mad. Absolutely bonkers. But…

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The thing is, it’s easy to forget sometimes that the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It can be a pretty scary place. 

Check out these crazy images captured by Google Earth and see what you make of them. 


1. How far will companies go to promote their brand?

A lot further than you might think apparently. If you look very closely here, you’ll be able to see the words Coca-Cola carved into a hillside in Chile. Taking things a bit far don’t you think?


2. Why is there a blood red lake just outside of Sadr City in Iraq?

There are absolutely no explanations as of yet. Which, considering the location makes you wonder…


3. Moments after a collision at a large intersection

First of all, hopefully, everyone was ok because that doesn’t look great, to be honest. It’s pretty crazy to think that whilst you’re sat at home looking through Google Earth, incidents like this are happening all over the world. And on that depressing thought, let’s move on…


4. Airplane Boneyard

This image was taken above Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona. It’s a collection of aeroplanes (obviously…) no longer in use and has been around since the end of WWII. It seems kind of a waste to have them all just sitting there collecting dust like that.

DID YOU KNOW: The site is the largest of its kind in the world.


5. A 1200 foot pentagram

This was taken in Kazakhstan and the spooky thing about it (other than the fact it’s a giant pentagram carved into the earth) is the fact that no one can seem to come up with an explanation as to how it got there.


6. This erupting volcano

Whoever’s operating that camera has got some cajones! This particular volcano is on an island in the Vanuatu chain in the South Pacific and it looks freakin’ angry.


7. This hidden bunker in New Mexico

Ok, so this one’s not a certainty but according to the rumours… this is reported to be the alien space cathedral of the Church of Scientology. Complete with a private runway. I’m sure Tom Cruise gets a lot of use out of that one.


8. This enormous crater

Created by a 150-foot piece of nickel that fell from space, broke into our atmosphere and made a rather large dent in the earth’s surface. It’s located in the Northern Arizonian desert and the funny thing about it is, it happened 50,000 years ago. Actually, that’s not funny, that’s just scary.


9. Google Earth solves mysteries sometimes

This is a pretty harrowing one. Davie lee Niles went missing back in 2006, with few leads to his whereabouts. Then, somebody noticed the blurred image in the top right-hand corner of this small lake. It turned out to be his car which was never noticed at ground level due to the murkiness of the water.


10. This strange giant face that’s appeared in the clay

The site is referred to as the “Badlands Guardian” and humans have nothing to do with it. It has formed naturally through the process of erosion. Which, kind of makes it even spookier.


11. No, those aren’t bodies

But I bet they made you look twice though. They are in fact, mannequins. Panic over.


12. What’s going on here?!

Sometimes Google Earth captures the spectacular, other times it captures the straight-up bizarre. Why has that man got what looks like a drain cover hanging off his face?


13. Moments after 9/11

Taken via satellite, whilst huge clouds of smoke were still being released into the sky. Not everything Google captures makes for pleasant viewing. 


14. This mysterious sea monster

Located off the coast of Antarctica’s Deception Island (a bit of a spooky name for a place), no one really has a clue with this one. Which, is a pretty common theme. It’s likely to be a blue whale, but some people have jumped straight to theories about underwater UFO’s or even a creature similar to the Loch Ness monster… You never know.


15. Lunik IX in Slovakia

There are a few not-so-happy images on this list and this is definitely one of them. A famous ghetto with very little access to any basic amenities, there’s even a small child on the floor without a parent in sight.


16. Scary neighborhood

Some places you just don’t feel safe walking or driving through. Especially when people stand on their porches and point guns at you. This house has been involved in the controversy in the past too, a baby was found dead in a closet here, with no confirmed cause of death. Scary stuff.


17. Jet engines do damage apparently

This aerial shot proves just how powerful these planes really are.


18. The power of mother nature

I’d like to think that when these images are captured, someone in charge is alerting people when bad things are happening. Like for example this fire in Arkansas which has quickly swept across a large field. Hopefully, nobody was harmed.

Pretty spectacular picture though! The lesson is: don’t p*ss off mother nature!


A real mix of images there, some are pretty amazing whilst others are a little depressing. But, it’s interesting nevertheless to be able to see the world from angles never before accessible!

What did you make of the pictures? Let me know in the comments!