18 Outrageously Hilarious Jokes About Sex That Are Too Relatable

18 Outrageously Hilarious Jokes About Sex That Are Too Relatable

These people used their brains to think inside their pants…

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There is a level of comedy genius necessary to create a hilarious meme that pairs a funny and random picture with a title that is in no way related but makes us see something we definitely wouldn’t have otherwise! That’s what these people are best at. 

We’ve scouted the internet to find the best sex jokes people ever made. And let me tell you, they’re FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS.

Let’s try to appreciate the skill involved rather than just the relatable side of these pics. Read it and weep ladies… with laughter…

1. When you accidentally walk in on someone

At least the poor duck knows his limits of when begging for bread is inappropriate or not. Poor thing is probably scarred for life now.


2. When you prepared yourself for take off

That is a very sad story! Do men not know how much effort it entails to get ready for a big night? I give up.

3. When’s he’s impressed with himself

LOL. Job well done if you hear this, guys!

4. When your cat understands your sex life

Yes, that is what you look like. And yes, you are always missionary.

5. And the participation award goes to…

We’ll take what we can get.

6. When you need more than a hug

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Sometimes a hug just won’t do the trick.

7. When there are people in the house and he tells you to be quiet

This has ruined Harry Potter for me but I can’t stop laughing.

8. When sex looks like a raw chicken

You can’t un see that stuff. I’m sorry.

9. And latte art looks…not like latte art

Either a very horny barista or a brilliant coincidence for a sex meme waiting to happen…

10. When you use the mattress to describe what will happen tonight

Treat your mattress to the night of its life! It’ll absorb those…memories and hold them close forever!

11. When your doctor attains knowledge that can help nobody

When you’re just hoping the doc will say sex doesn’t count so you can respond in a disappointed tone ‘ahh no then’ as if you have it all the time.

12. The sweaty complement Image result for sex memes

Sometimes it gets sweaty and it’s just a big mess. We can all relate to this one. And it’s nice to hear we’re hot.

13. When he doesn’t understand

Image result for sex memes queef

It’s a perfectly natural and normal and mortifying thing, okay?!

14. Shadows tell the future now

 Image result for sex memes

You might not admit it to yourself but your shadow knows.

15. When he’s far too honestImage result for sex memes for her

OUCH. He’s playing it cool. It was good and he’s unfit.

16. Rule number one

Image result for sex memes for her

Tips for men. See above.

18. When he’s been training

We’re totally onto you guys! Us AND the dog know what you get up to in your spare time. We ain’t complaining.

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