18 Jokes That Sum Up Exactly How We Feel About Work

18 Jokes That Sum Up Exactly How We Feel About Work

I’ll bet my life that you can relate far too much to each of these jokes…

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So we spend the majority of our time in our workplace, so I think that gives us the right to have a good b**ch and moan! We can all relate to the stresses of work, but it’s these things that we have to make a joke out of!

That’s exactly what these funny peeps did. These jokers of the internet shared humorous comments that had us in stitches and our first response was ‘that’s what I do!’ So without further ado, take a look at these crazily applicable jokes about working…

1. Everyone knows that the second you’ve clocked out, you’re DONE.

No matter how much you like your colleague, once you’ve pressed that button, ain’t nobody making you come back for nothing!

2. A regular stance and response to anyone who has worked in retail

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If you’ve worked in retail, you know that you have to make this statement about ten times a day.

3. How you feel vs. the rest of your coworkers

Why does it feel like everybody else is much more up for the job than you? This lady is my spirit animal.

4. When coworkers make mistakes and you bite your tongue

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Is it just me who likes to be a bit of a know-it-all and has to hold my tongue when a colleague is wrong?

5. When you have your own ideas for ‘boosting morale’

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I mean, being surrounded by puppies as you work would boost morale a million times over. I’m just not sure that any work would ever get done.

6. Brutal but so true

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*Looks around* Nope, it’s nowhere to be seen.

7. This is such a genius idea

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Why did I not think of that? We can all relate on this. Seeing coworkers outside of work is borderline as bad as bumping into an ex.

8. There’s always a class-clown at work!

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I can’t help but laugh. I love it. Every workplace needs this person to lighten the mood!

9. This sums up how we all feel

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Once you leave work, that’s it. All ties must be cut off and all brain power must be focused on TV and food.

10. We’ve all done it…

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You think you’re making it super realistic, but in reality, you’re putting the last nail in the coffin. Still, we’ve all been there.

11. Offering to help out vs. helping out Image result for work jokes tweet monday

There’s a huge difference between offering a service and following through on delivering that service. I like to just do the former.

12. Everyone has that coworker that’s on the same level as them

This image pretty much sums up Mondays.

13. How it feels on the job hunt

Basically every employer wants to make the impossible possible. There’s no hope for anyone!

14. “I HATE office gossip, I swear…”Image result for i don't have time for workplace drama

We all like to indulge in a little bit of discussion about the colleague that’s driving us insane. Put the kettle on!

15. When you start a new job


Everyone can relate to this one. It doesn’t take much time at all for you to lose interest in making any effort you were putting into your hair and makeup. I usually give up by day three.

16. The things you’ll do to avoid a certain colleague

Some people in work are so unbearable that you’ll literally do exercise to avoid them!

17. When you get extra credit for nothing

Occasionally, something good happens in work. This is one of those times.

18. The best part of everyone’s job

The morning consists of counting the minutes until lunch time. The afternoon is about counting the minutes until home time.

I’m sure you could all relate to these jokes! Wanna share anything about your own work? Comment on our Facebook post, Aunty Acid would love to hear from you!