18 Infuriating Plot Holes That Will Totally Ruin Your Favorite Movies

18 Infuriating Plot Holes That Will Totally Ruin Your Favorite Movies

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okay well, first things first folks, major ***SPOILER ALERTS*** on this page, so if there’s a recent film you haven’t seen yet but really want to, I would recommend you stop reading ***IMMEDIATELY***… okay everybody good? Crisis averted? Okay great, we may now continue.

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Who doesn’t love the movies eh? That’s right, NOBODY. And if you say you do well then, sorry but you’re a liar. What can be better than sitting in a dark room for 2 hours eating junk and being transported to a magical land with all your famous besties? Basically, nothing to be honest.

But as with many things in life, the things we love are often the things that hurt us the most, and that is especially true in movies. You know what I’m talking about… a plot twist here, one sequel too many there, cringe-worthy dialogue, it can happen to even the most prestigious blockbusters.

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Don’t believe me? Well, thanks to the help of Buzzfeed, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most well-loved movies of the past few years… and their major flaws. So if you’re not ready for Up to be ruined for you… I suggest you stop reading now. Sorry, not sorry!

1. In Mamma Mia, Donna basically said that her mother was dead, but a huge chunk of the sequel was about her very-much-alive mother, played by Cher:


Well, you would have to be a hawk-eyed, die-hard Mamma Mia fan in order to catch this glitch in the in the Mamma-miaverse… and let’s face it, who isn’t a die-hard Mamma Mia fan these days? A detail very small, but certainly not insignificant. So what gives, is this just a huge oversight on behalf of the director? Or just an honest mistake?
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 My best guess is that they never actually planned on making a sequel to Mamma-Mia (Can you IMAGINE!?) until one day Cher called the gang up and told them she wanted to be in the Abba-inspired motion picture and they just couldn’t say no. Because let’s be honest now, who can say no to Cher!?

2. In A Quiet Place, the monsters killed anything that made noise, yet Evelyn and Lee decided to have a baby, something that would literally only make noise:

Okay now I am 100% one of the billions of people who lovedA Quiet Place“,  and to this day I still get jumpy every time I get caught off guard by a sneeze. The dynamic pairing of real-life husband and wife Jon Krasinski (swoon) and Emily Blunt (double swoon) is second to none… and don’t even get me started on THAT scene with the rocket ship.

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However, there is one teeeeeeeny tiny detail that really frustrated both me and billions of other A Quiet Place Fans all across the globe… WHY WOULD YOU HAVE A BABY WHEN YOUR ONLY CHANCE OF SURVIVAL IS BEING QUIET… WHY??? I mean, talk about being irresponsible, jeez. Annoyance level 1000.

3. In Hocus Pocus, Max, Dani, and Allison could have just surrounded themselves and the book in a circle of salt to prevent the Sanderson Sisters from getting them:

—Megan Ann, Facebook

Albeit, if they had done this, it would have been a very long, dull, uneventful film but still… come on kids, you literally solved the problem in the first 30 minutes of the film and yet you had to run all over the town with a magic book and a talking cat in order to keep 3 witches away from you?

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All I can say is, stay in school kids, stay in school.

4. In Monsters, Inc., Mike said that he and Sully were friends in elementary school, but in the prequel, they didn’t actually meet until college:

Now this one here, this one right here never fails to grind my gears. I am a huge Disney fan, and I’m especially a huge fan of Monsters Inc. 99% of the time Disney get it exactly right, but sometimes, very rarely they fluff up, and something like this happens.
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Who knows, maybe it’s the same situation as Mamma Mia 2 and they just never thought they’d make a second Monsters Inc. movie, but still… it took a while for me to forgive them for this one.


5. In The Karate Kid, it was made clear that hitting an opponent in the head would lead to disqualification, yet that’s exactly how Daniel won his fight:

Well yeah but I mean obviously the rules don’t apply to you if you’re the good guy right?? Right???? That’s how movies work after all.
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Moral of the story is; always be a good guy, ’cause then you can get away with everything the bad guys can’t.

6. In Signs, the aliens came to earth, a planet comprised of 71% water, but their only weakness was… literally water:

I’m big on Aliens, so I’m a huge fan of signs, and in all honesty, it did take me a while to actually see the one major flaw in this film (I was always too busy being freaked out over the video footage of the alien at the birthday party, for example).

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But seriously though,  WHY? Do the aliens not know that their weakness is water? Have they never seen water ever before? Or do they know but just aren’t aware that the earth is primarily made of water? What do they think all the blue stuff is when they’re looking at us from their spaceship? Sorry, no, just not buying it.

7. In Aliens, Ripley opened the airlock door and was somehow able to resist the force and pressure of outer space, all while holding onto a ladder with one hand:


Take a seat folks, we have another alien-themed one here… or maybe I should say the ultimate Alien themed one. Now, I’ll be honest, I don’t like it when people criticise my girl Sigourney Weaver, but I kinda see where people are coming from with this one.

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All I’ll say is this; adrenaline rushes can do crazy things to people; especially when you’re trapped alone in space (where nobody can hear you scream, may I add) on a ship filled with the corpses of your crew and one crazy-ugly alien.

8. In Ant-Man and the Wasp, no one noticed Hank’s giant lab that would mysteriously appear and then disappear at random parts of the city, even though he was trying to be discreet while hiding from the FBI:

I like superhero movies, but Ant-Man I’m still on the fence about it… I don’t know, maybe it’s the name. But you have to admit, this is a pretty hilarious point.
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We all know how busy New Yorkers are; always darting back and forth to work and prior engagements… and if the Marvel universe is anything to go by then they’re also trying to dodge massive alien invasions and crazy guys trying to catch men in lycra tights. So sure, maybe among all that, they really don’t have much time to notice buildings disappear and reappear all over the place.

9. In The Little Mermaid, Ariel signed her name on the contract with Ursula, so she could have just written her name in the sand to tell Eric what was going on:

Another Disney one to get your blood boiling, and I can’t believe I never thought of this before (Darn my love for that cheeky little mouse!), but Ariel totally could have done this and saved a whole load of aggro.

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Rather than blame Disney though, I’m gonna blame Hans Christian Andersen… seeing as he’s the one who wrote the original story. Or I’ll just stick with the idea that Ariel had no idea what was, therefore, no idea that she could have written her name in it. Yeah… that works for me.


10. In 17 Again, the kids had no idea what their dad looked like when he was younger (and Maggie almost made out with him), despite there probably being several pictures of him scattered throughout the house:


I personally think this one is clutching at straws a little, but I’ll still allow it on the basis that there probably are households out there that have pictures of parents back in their days of youth scattered around the house.

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There’s still no denying what an absolute gem this movie is though, I mean, Zac Efron… come on!

11. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones was actually irrelevant to the whole plot because the Nazis still would have found the ark no matter what:


I know I KNOW OKAY, I’m going to really annoy some people with this one and my inbox will probably be filled with conspiracy theorists and die-hard fanboys before the sunsets tonight but I’m STILL GONNA GO THERE.

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Because no matter how you spin it, it is completely true. He didn’t need to be there, not that I wasn’t glad that he was. They even debate the matter in The Big Bang Theory… so if you’re looking for anybody to yell at, I suggest you get in touch with those guys.

12. In Tangled, everything revolved around Rapunzel seeing the lights on her birthday, but Mother Gothel could have just lied about which day she was born:


Okay so I didn’t realize there were going to be so many Disney films featured on this list but I can’t argue with any of them and I have a job to do so… here I go. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS ONE.

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I mean, come on Mother Gothel, what are you playing at? Talk about amateur hour. You’re gonna go out of your way to kidnap a princess and not even both to change her name or her birth date? And you’re literally gonna tell her that the reason they do the lantern thing is because of THE MISSING PRINCESS WHO YOU KIDNAPPED? Talk about being overly confident.

13. In the Harry Potter series, Fred and George had Maurader’s Map but never noticed that Peter Pettigrew was alive and well… and sleeping in their brother’s room every night:


To be fair, I don’t think you can totally blame the movies for this one… it was a book first after all. So I guess the real place we should be pointing fingers is at J.K. Rowling, but still, pretty massive plot hole.

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In defense of Fred (*SOB*) and George Weasley, they weren’t the most observant of students at Hogwarts, so let’s put this one down to a lapse of judgment on their behalf… those lovable scamps.

14. Also, nobody believed Harry when he said that Voldemort was back, but they could have just used the Pensieve or a truth serum to prove it:


Again (I’m so so sorry J.K.) this was a pretty massive plot hole and could have helped avoid ALL SORTS OF CHAOS if either of these things had actually happened.

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Seems pretty ironic that Dumbledore tried so darn hard to protect Harry but this never really never came to mind when the whole Wizarding World was hating on him and calling him a liar.

15. In Cinderella, her fate revolved around the premise that no one else in the entire village had the same shoe size as her:


GREAT, another Disney one, just what I was hoping for. But alas, unlike the Tangled plot hole, I’m totally prepared for this one… no no really, I am, so hear me out.
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Okay so think about it; Cinderella’s glass slippers are magic, right? So it does make sense that they would only fit Cindy’s feet, no matter what the size thanks to that crafty Fairy Godmother…. not that the Prince knew that I guess, which does kind of make him a bit of an idiot and… okay okay, forget what I said.

16. In the Halloween series, Michael Myers knew how to drive a car, even though he was trapped in a mental hospital since the age of 10:


This is honestly another one I’ve never thought about before, but now that it’s been pointed out I will probably never stop noticing it… thanks, guys.

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But who knows hey, maybe Mental Health Hospitals have Drivers Ed classes, like er, High Schools, right? What? Well, you never know! Use your imagination people gosh.

17. IThe Last Jedi, Paige Tico released the bombs to destroy the First Order dreadnought, but the bombs shouldn’t have been able to fall because there’s no gravity in space:

This one seems a little nit-picky to me tbh… especially since I know how strongly die-hard Star Wars fans feel about The Last Jedi (just get over Snoke dying already!!!) but I figured it was the easiest and safest one to point out.

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18. And in Up, the house didn’t actually start to fly until the balloons were ~outside~ of it, but that shouldn’t have made a difference in the first place:

And I officially saved the hardest for the last. Whoever first pointed this one out, I hope you’re proud of yourself for tarring such a darn masterpiece. 
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All I’m gonna say is this; SCIENCE HAS NO PLACE IN DISNEY FILMS. THE END. Except for all those Disney films that are actually, y’know, based around science. It’s okay for them.

So how about it, were you aware of any of these? Have I sufficiently ruined one of your all-time favorite movies? GREAT! Then my job here is done. If you know any other films with major plot holes in them then be sure to discuss them in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this with your movie-loving family & friends so that their day is ruined too, you’re welcome! Happy watching xx