18 Hilarious Photos Of People Posing With Statues

18 Hilarious Photos Of People Posing With Statues

Typically, whenever you see a statue or a sculpture in public, you have to act respectfully as they’re usually in places like museums and art galleries.

Usually, in these situations we act respectful of these works of art because being kicked out of a museum is not our idea of fun.

But the truth is, statues aren’t exclusively in art galleries and museums. They can also be displayed in public.

With that being the case, it gives us free range to do what we want with these statues (as long as we don’t manage them).

Some people just wrap their arms around the statues for a quick and easy photo.

But some people invest a little more thought into their photos.


Whether it’s being spanked by a naughty statue or being eaten alive, you have to admit that these creative poses are hilarious!

It’s even better when there’s a camera nearby to capture the hilarious moment!

Here are some of the funniest photos we could find on the internet.

I hope you enjoy them!


What? Just because you’re a Roman doesn’t mean you can do and randomly pick women off the ground!

Butt Toucher

Didn’t your mother ever tell you that it’s rude to grab someone’s butt without permission?

Drink Up

Wow, he must have been thirsty!

No More Spiderman

That statue must really hate Spiderman!

Dinosaur Bash

This is war!

Carry Me Home

You can always count of Regan to carry you home!


‘Have you seen that Pokemon Go app I’ve just downloaded?

Run For Your Life!

When statues go bad!


Divorce can often feel like tug of war when it involves children…

Back Off

Sorry honey, I think he’s taken!

Beare With Me

This bear will help you after a hard workout session.


Don’t you just hate public displays of affection?

Just Beat It

What did he do to deserve that?!

Random Act Of Violence

Watch out, that guy has a bat!

Sneaky Exchange

What’s going on here?

Shaving Time

Even mermen shave their armpits!

Waiting In Line

This is simply adorable.

Single Ladies

Beyonce would be proud! You girls look fabulous, I love it!

Have you ever taken a silly pose next to a statue?

If so we’d love to see it. Why not leave a picture of it in the COMMENTS?!

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