18 Hilarious Christmas Decoration Fails

18 Hilarious Christmas Decoration Fails

Christmas is great, but it can be a very stressful time of year too – not least when it comes to decorating your home in anticipation of guests.

Here’s a little gallery to give you hints on what not to do this Christmas.

1. Lay the table

The host of this dinner party was clearly making an effort to set out a nice table for their guests. They might want to rethink the shaping of those napkins, though…

2. Tighty lightys

This town was obviously trying to get into the spirit of christmas, but it seems like they’ve just hung a bunch of underpants above the main road. Ah well, there’s always next year.

3. How do you like your pancakes?

christmas design fails

The placement of  these two objects is very unfortunate. Image composition is everything, folks!

4. Don’t do it!

Santa looks like he’s trying to recreate that scene from It’s A Wonderful Life. Don’t do it, Santa! There’s so much to live for. We’ll even give you this year off.

5. You can’t polish a…

bad christmas design\

…but you can wrap Christmas lights around it, apparently. I don’t know if this was supposed to be some kind of chocolate whip, but it looks an awful lot like something else.

6. Please stop

I don’t know whether it’s the positioning of the snowman in relation to the girl that makes this look so wrong. Probably both.

7. Ready teddy go

I think these teddies were supposed to bring a touch of festive cuteness to this shopping mall but they’ve ended up making it look like the set of a 1980s hour movie. To quote the horror flick Rosemary’s Baby, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ITS EYES?!

8. In the cold light of day

This moving light display of Santa picking up a present probably looks great at night, but in the day it’s a different prospect altogether.

9. Mistle-toe 

This is supposed to look like a cut baby Jesus, but it also looks a lot like a severed toe.


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