17 Times Women Were Sassy AF On Twitter

17 Times Women Were Sassy AF On Twitter

The internet is an unforgiving place. And we LOVE it


Sassy tweets have to be the best type of tweets out there. Forget clever political puns or elaborate jokes, sometimes all we need is a bit of unnecessary sass to see us through the day. We’ve rounded up our favourites from over the past 12 months for you to all have a little cackle at. The sass really is SPILLING out of these women and we’ve decided that they need to be our friends immediately. Enjoy…


1) Ok, this is genius.


3) Stay woke always 

4) J.K Rowling is amazing and we love her


5) Savage AF

6) Sweats are life.

7) Woah…

8) God, Joe…

9) We are a minefield and we don’t care

10) FYI…

11) Practice your angles boys

12) The struggle is real

13) I’m done. I am so done.

14) OMG…

15) *sigh*

16) This is SO true

17) Man-spreading is SO annoying

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