17 Times Police Proved They Have A Great Sense Of Humor

17 Times Police Proved They Have A Great Sense Of Humor

Being a police officer is a tough job. In order to keep the public safe, you have to put yourself through an incredible amount of danger, and receiving abuse from members of the public is just part of your day-to-day.

With all this considered, it’s just as well that, just like the rest of us, cops also know how important it is to have a giggle every now and then.

Here are 17 examples of cops having a good time, and giving the rest of us a laugh in the process:

1. Hi mom!

I Started Chatting With A Local Police Officer Today, And Asked Him What I Could Do To Let My Parents Know I Was Having A Good Time At My First Day Of College. He Suggested Taking This Photo

This photo was shared with the caption “I started chatting with a local police officer today, and asked him what I could do to let my parents know that I’m enjoying my first day of college. He suggested taking this photo”

Genius! I hope mom and dad didn’t actually think he’d been arrested for too long…

2. Hero of the force

Police Dog Rating

Just how cute is this puppy! I’d definitely hire her, too. It’s good to see that the police appreciate our four-legged friends as much as we do.

3. Didn’t think that one through

'Rather Large'

Whoever was operating this police department’s Twitter account realised that they’d made a mistake, but it was too late. At least they clarified what they meant! That was quite the mental image to deal with.

4. Legs eleven

Police In Montreal Are Refusing To Wear Their Work Pants As A Part Of A Labor Dispute

It’s not every day that you see police officers wearing pants like this. Apparently, this outfit choice was part of a union dispute that they were involved in. If you ask me, this is a great way to protest – it means that they can stay on the beat, keeping everyone safe, and it also might give people a few laughs along the way!

5. “I find your lack of faith disturbing”

May The Force Be With You

This kid was playing Darth Vader on May the 4th, and these two officers from Surrey in England were more than happy to join in. Just like the rest of us, most police officers are just big kids at heart.

6. It’s a trap!

Lincoln, CA Police Departament Running Into Trap

An excellent sense of humor on display from this unit, having fun with the old stereotype that cops just LOVE donuts. It took me a while to realize how far they’d gone with this photo – look what the trail of donuts leads to! Yikes.

7. In a state of sheer panic

Doggo Joke

Some great social media effort from Australia’s NSW Police Force here. This dog is so cute!

8. If I fits, I sits

Look Who Grew Up!

Staying with the dog theme for a second, this is a heartwarming picture of a police service dog growing into his responsibilities. Good boy, Jix!

9. Straight-up savagery

Police Are Savage

This police department decided to ride around in the ill-gotten gains of the local drug dealer, who is presumably now behind bars. Savage!

10. “Do you know why I’ve pulled you over, ma’am?”

Driver Breathalysed By Police For Suspicious Behavior

I’m glad they stopped her – she was clearly drunk on milk, and in a vehicle that huge she could’ve caused some serious damage! Kudos to these officers for keeping their roads safe.

11. Little and large

Police Partners

There’s height differences, and then there’s this. He’s literally more than double her mass! Why do I feel like these two should be co-starring in a comedy flick together?

12. It’s a trap (again)!

This Policeman Though

Rashad, call me an old cynic, but I don’t think he really wants to give you your phone back. Well played, officer.

13. Nee Nurrrrr

Vehicle Log

This was clearly filled in by an officer who likes to get straight to the point. Whoever is reading it will know exactly what it means!

14. Keeping busy

Pixar Presents: Police Cars

Even criminals have snow days. This leaves officers free to do get the important things done, like turning their cars into Disney cartoons.

15. Neeeeeeerds!

There Was A Big Drug Problem At My Friend's School So They Hired A Police Officer To Supervise Students But Now He’s Playing Magic The Gathering With The Video Game Club

This cop was drafted in to supervise the local high school after it developed problems with drug use among students. Here he is playing Magic The Gathering with the video game club. Ah well, at least he’s keeping an eye on them.

16. Bird protection service

This Dove Getting Parma Police Protection After Laying Her 2 Eggs In A Cruiser

This is incredibly sweet. This dove laid her eggs in the hood of this cruiser, so the police department cordoned it off until they were ready to flee the nest.

17. Hole-y matrimony 

I'm At A Wedding. Both Bride And Groom Are Police Officers. This Is What They Are Serving

This was the wedding catering at a wedding at which both bride and groom were police officers. Well played!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery, folks. We at Aunty Acid would like to give a big shout out to the police forces of the world, for doing such a tough job, and still finding the time to have fun!

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