17 Things You Used To Do That Show You’re Old Now

17 Things You Used To Do That Show You’re Old Now

The times are constantly changin’ and unfortunately, you are too!

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Do you remember the original gameboy or did you used to play with a cabbage patch kid? Ever owned a boombox? Hate to break it to you ladies, but those are just some of the signs that you’re old!

We all like to ignore the idea by using anti-wrinkle moisturiser and wearing Spanx, but sadly, there are some other indications based on what you did in your younger years that suggest you’re maturing. Here’s some tell tale signs that you’re getting on…


1. You used to use the TV guide or newspaper to see what to watch…

That weekly TV Guide would be covered in pen from circling everyone’s favourite show.

2. …And you’d have to keep a strict TV schedule in place

It’s difficult now to envision not being able to watch any show at any time! Back then, if it meant running home from school or work and eating your dinner so quick you felt like you were gonna barf, you’d do it. Got a strict schedule to uphold!

3. You’d tape your favourite episode of a TV Show

VHS was life. In my house you could only tape if it was your fave show or movie. Mom’s orders. And you’d take real pride in labelling it accordingly.

4. America’s Funniest Home Videos was your YouTube

Remember when the only way to watch viral videos was to tune in with Bob Saget every week? Then sorry, but you’re old! Bob was the first host of the show back in 1989 (almost 30 years ago!).

5. You’d buy an album just to listen to one song

Without Spotify, Youtube or Apple Music, how else were you gonna listen to it? Alternatively, you would wait literally all day next to the radio hoping it would come on.

6. You used 1800-COLLECT call 

Brownie points if you recall the commercials with the likes of Ed O’Neill, Daman Wayans and Mr T. But remember trying to smash the system by squeezing your whereabouts into the name recording so your mom could pick you up without paying? Ah, good times.

7. You memorized phone numbers or had a huge address book

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Before cell phones, this was the only option. No caller ID too! You usually knew your family and friends off by heart and then everyone else was in a huge matted address book in the house. Cell phones have been around for over 30 years now, so if you did this one, bad luck.

8. You rented videos

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RIP Blockbuster Video. The best Fridays were going there with your girlfriends to get a rental and popcorn. But sadly ladies, this era is well and truly over. If you went before they started DVD’s, you may be getting on but at least you got the full Blockbuster experience.

9. John Hughes was your king

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So I suppose you could be young for this one if you’re a movie buff with excellent taste, but if you watched John Hughes’ films in your youth then you won’t be far off the age of Molly Ringwald and Emilio Estevez. Say no more…


10. You owned a Cabbage Patch Kid

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But it has to be first edition, when Coleco was making them. Cabbage Patch Kids still live on today but they’re not the global craze they once were. If you had one when they were a world wide phenomenon and literally all your friends had one, then you’re most definitely up in years.


11. You used disposable cameras

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I mean, I know they’re making a comeback but I’m talking about when these were crucial on a holiday, made up the family photo album and took ages to develop. Can you envision the wait now?


12. You owned an original nintendo product

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Super Mario Bros changed lives. Even if he was made of about four pixels back then. If you owned the Game Boy when it was released back in 1989, you’re advancing in years but if you had any of the Game and Watch products then extra points for being extra mature!


13. You remember what the internet used to look like

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This image gives me shivers. Remember when the internet was so basic yet so slow? Ladies we may be getting on but at least the internet has developed with us. Not to mention…


14. You had to wait while the internet dialled up

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That crazy dial up sound would leave you anxious and excited. And to think, no one could call you whilst it was on! I remember many family arguments over wanting to use the phone.


15. Buying your concert tickets at a music store

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Even if it meant queueing all day or getting to the store two hours early. Before the internet became more advanced it was the only way!


16. You were obsessed with The Cosby Show

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And we still are, I might add?! Also Married with Children and Cheers, But if these shows were part of your weekly routine then you’re pretty much ancient. Sorry.

17. You owned these multi colour click pensImage result for 80's pens

A must have for your pencil case. I felt like the coolest kid in school back in the day! I’d change colour with each word when I was feeling extra wacky.


And there you have it, ladies. Feeling old? I hope not! Treat this as a lovely trip down memory lane. And don’t stress, ageing is a natural process! The good news is getting older happens to everyone, and in twenty years the millennials will look back on a similar list where I-phone 7’s and hoverboards are old news.

And if in doubt, remember what Aunty Acid says…‘If I’ve learnt anything in my 22 years on earth, it’s that it’s okay to lie about your age’.

What do you remember from back in the day? Let’s be old together! Comment below with anything you used to do and don’t forget to share this for your fellow friends to see!