17 Of The Craziest Ways People Have Actually Quit Their Jobs

17 Of The Craziest Ways People Have Actually Quit Their Jobs

It’s not uncommon to be woken-up by your alarm on a Monday morning and think “how much do I really need this job?”

Not everyone’s lucky enough to be in the career of their dreams. For a lot of people, their days can be made up of a combination of trying to think of happy thoughts in order to drown out those infuriatingly annoying co-workers… and trying to stay calm when faced with an incomprehensible amount of dull tasks that need completing by the end of the day.

For those really unfortunate employees, just getting up in the morning knowing you have to go to work can be a soul-destroying task…

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It drives you to fantasise about how to go about quitting and finally putting an end to the misery.

Of course, that final step is the hardest. As much as you want to just walk up to your boss and say “shove your job up your a*s Phil!” (I don’t know why I chose the name Phil for this example), you know you need the money and the stability. Y’know for all those bills and stuff- being an adult sucks!

So you just carry on with the same routine, day-in day-out. You can work all the overtime in the world and go out of your way to do favors for a company and still never feel appreciated or valued. Which doesn’t exactly make you feel great…

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Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, you find something new and you can finally hand in your notice. You say your goodbyes and if you happen to have been well-liked, you might even receive a cake and a card. A happy affair all-round, n’aww.

However, there are those that have just had enough! And they grasp the opportunity to resign with both hands… Here’s a list of some of the finest jaw-dropping resignations ever carried out by employees that just can’t deal with the bullsh*t any longer!



1. “Change His Own Damn Sign”

This guy clearly didn’t have what you would call a ‘model’ working relationship with his boss. I’d never be able to do this job, the temptation to mess with the signs and write something inappropriate each day would be too great!


2. Short and sweet

Sometimes people can go on all day about why they’re quitting and how much they’re going to miss the people they work with, how thankful they are for the opportunity… blah blah blah. This person’s got the right idea.


3. “Later B*tches”

Why even hand in a letter of resignation when you can do this instead?


4. “In Loving Memory”

Definitely a more creative way to end your time working somewhere. Imagine if you worked at the same store, saw this and didn’t know he’d quit!


5. “That would be grrreaaaat”

I hope for Doug’s sake, his boss has seen the film Office Space and has a good sense of humor. Otherwise… it could be a loooong two weeks.

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6. “Sucks To Be You…”

Just what you don’t want to see on the way to work. But I guess you’ve got to feel for this person, plus they’ve been pretty tame all things considered. I mean I’d have put something far more explicit on it personally… regardless of whether I’d been fired or not.


7. Self-promotion

I thought people were supposed to give you the cake when you leave, not the other way around? But I suppose if you’ve got a cake business to fall back on, a little brand promotion can’t hurt!


8. “There’s no way to prepare your heart”

What could you possibly write that a card can’t say ten times better? Well, a professional letter of resignation clearly…


9. Going down the toilet

I’m actually really impressed that this person has managed to write an entire notice letter without ripping through the paper. I’m not sure he’s going to get a glowing reference after this though…


10. “This is a drawing of a dinosaur”

Build them up to send them crashing down. That’s a pretty decent effort at a dinosaur though so top marks for that, it might even distract them enough to not be p*ssed off at the fact that this persons 2 weeks notice appears to be written on a piece of receipt paper.


11. “Click HR to find out how badly you f*cked up”

At least with this one, he’s been kind enough to offer his employer the chance to renegotiate… Although I think they’ll have probably just clicked ‘ignore’, just like every other annoying pop-up notification.


12. Subtlety is the best policy

When you’re finally leaving that job you can’t stand, you just want to shout it from the rooftops and tell everyone you lay your eyes on. So it’s completely justifiable to write it on the price tag for an oven right? Er, moving on…


13. “We Aren’t Allowing It Anymore”

Well, if anyone had it coming, it was definitely this guy! If he actually said “Cancer is not an excuse”, he needs to seriously rethink his approach to life, let-alone management.


14. “Someone will (probably) be with you shortly”

Let this be a lesson to bosses everywhere, people don’t generally tend to enjoy working alongside people that attack them. You’d have thought that was obvious?


15. Stack your own shelves from now on

This is fantastically petty, watching them turn each individual box back around is the mark of an evil genius.


16. “I’M OUT”

If I were part of the kitchen staff the next morning, i’d be p*ssed!


17. “Working for you has been nothing but enjoyment”

A lovely spot of poetry to ease the pain. I think I’d be too busy marching out of the door to write a full poem for my boss. But, it’s a nice touch and it just goes to show that resigning in an imaginative way doesn’t always have to be a spiteful affair. Although it’s usually funnier if it is!



These people definitely had a bone to pick with their employers. Of course, if you’ve been treated well and with respect, I’d never encourage you to resign in the same fashion… but if you do, make sure to post it online for everyone else to see because it’s freakin’ hilarious!

Has work ever driven you to think about doing something like this? Let me know in the comments!


P.s check out this woman quitting live on-air. Badass!