17 Incredibly Annoying Sitcom Clichés

17 Incredibly Annoying Sitcom Clichés

It’s hard to imagine a world without sitcoms…


From the hilarious to the god awful, they’ve been a part of our lives for decades and will continue in that vein for years to come. Sometime we’re unable to breathe from laughing so hard at a simple word like “PIVOT!”, and the fact that we can relate to them so much means we often find ourselves referencing quotes from our favourite shows in real life.

Well, I know I do anyway but maybe I’m just a bit obsessed…


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Other times they’re so bad that we find ourselves watching them just to cringe at how incredibly crummy the acting is.

At the end of the day our treasured on-screen shows never really claim to have the most complex of characters or sophisticated storylines. But, we love them anyway and sometimes wish we could be a part of their world.

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There are however those reoccurring details that drive us up the wall. You know what I’m talking about- those completely unrealistic and annoying moments all sitcoms seem to include that just don’t have any relation to real life.


See if you agree with any of these:


1. Everyone always looks so presentable

I don’t know about you but if i’m relaxing at home with a few friends round, watching TV, sharing a takeaway and just generally lounging about, I’m definitely not wearing a freshly ironed shirt and jeans. I’m in full-on comfort mode, that means: tired old sweatpants, no make-up and my hair in a messy bun.

"I HATE it when characters wear regular clothes (jeans/shoes/etc.) when they're meant to be lounging at home. Seriously most people don't even wear pants when they're chilling at home, like why would those characters be wearing boots or jeans?" —kassidyf3


2. Group incest!

Characters always seems to date other people in the same friendship group . We don’t always mind, I mean we all wanted to see Ross and Rachel fly off into the sunset together but c’mon guys, knowing that you’ve all been with each other at one time or another is a bit gross!

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3. Phone calls

I’m not sure why I find this so freakin’ irritating but why does nobody ever say “bye” when finishing a phone call? It’s hardly a big deal in the grand scheme of things but it doesn’t half annoy me!

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Come to mention it, everybody always seems to know the phone number of the person they’re calling off by heart… even if they’ve never rung them before. They always seem to pick up after one ring too… strange.


4. Life is just so convenient

How easy would life be if you could head out into town, walk straight up to the bar -bypassing everyone else waiting- and order a drink just by wafting your finger in the air? Then, at the end of the night you hail the cab that just happens to conveniently be driving past and head home. Ah, the dream.

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5. Money? What money?

Working as a waitress and worried you won’t be able to make ends meet? Or perhaps you’re a masseuse that only works part-time and money’s getting a bit tight? Never fear, in the world of sitcoms you can still afford a big central New York apartment and still have some doh left over to enjoy life. 

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Never bother locking your front door either, these guys barely do and they seem to be alright.


6. Nobody wants to do the washing up

Why do characters always eat takeaways straight out of the boxes? …And everyone knows how to use chop-sticks like an expert too.

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7. Characters hardly eat anything

The Big Bang Theory has to be the worst for this, sitting there twiddling their thumbs whilst their food goes cold and they jabber on about something intellectual and averagely funny. My only thought when a takeaway arrives is “FOOD!”.

Sometimes the meals spreads are enormous too, only for someone to be late for work in the morning and grab a single piece of toast before running out the door.


8. Dads are loveable and dopey but mums are cold and strict

This one’s a bit of a running theme, not only with mums and dads but often with couples in general. A bit of an outdated stereotype if you ask me!

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9. Never-ending will they/won’t they story lines

Will they…? Yes, of course they will. It’ll just be painfully drawn out over a number of seasons before an overly-dramatic romantic gesture saves the day and they live happily ever after.

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10. Unrealistic expectations of life

Middle-aged characters that work those typical 9-5, Monday-to-Friday jobs sat a desk seem to be awfully thin. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people that like to take care of themselves but surely some of them should be a bit doughy around the middle?

And we’re supposed to believe that a supermodel that’s barely touching her mid-twenties is the head of her own department at an international company? Definitely possible, but highly improbable.

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11. Pausing for the laughter

Sometimes the correlation between the jokes and the canned laughter is seamless, other times it’s excruciatingly painful..

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12. Sex is a clean affair

We all know that in reality, once the deed’s done with there’s usually a bit of a mess to clean up afterwards… You’re sweaty not to mention the other fluids residing underneath those bed sheets. Sometimes you need a wee, your hair’s a mess… the list goes on. So how come they cuddle still half-dressed and fall asleep peacefully?

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13. Get to the point!

Miscommunication… During an argument, nobody ever seems to be able to clearly explain themselves even when the truth is on their side and it seems as if it would be easier to do so. Instead they just let the misunderstanding ruin their relationships.

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Or if someone’s trying to lie their way out of a situation, instead of using something simple they’ll come up with the most ludicrously unbelievable story and get away with it. Admittedly it’s a lot funnier that way!


14. … and nobody chases after someone that walks away

Mid-argument a statement will be made that will leave everyone in the room in silence as someone dramatically walks away. Then the camera quickly switches to a close up shot of one of the characters looking confused and totally inconsolable.

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Rather than try and solve the situation there and then though, it’s better to let the other person leave so that the scenario can stretch into another episode…


15. The standard ‘hard to impress’ girlfriend’s father scenario

This one has run it’s course surely?! Sometimes they come from a military background too just to make them seem even more intimidating.

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16. Groups are together constantly

In reality it can feel like an achievement in itself if in your mid-thirties you are somehow able to organise an occasion where all of your friends are together, all at the same time in the same place.

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I wish life was like this…

17. Driving anywhere

The classic shaky-hand syndrome on the steering wheel whilst having a full-on conversation and paying little-to-no attention to the road or the surrounding traffic. USE YOUR MIRRORS!

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And there you have it, i’m sure there are plenty more completely unrealistic sitcom moments that irritate you too. Let me know in the comments!

Despite everything on the list though, we still love them all the same…