17 Gross Facts You Never Knew About Your Favourite Foods

17 Gross Facts You Never Knew About Your Favourite Foods

How much do you know about your favourite foods? I mean really know? Because if you think you know it all about everything you eat then I’m sorry to say that you’re about to be in for a shocker! We’ve found seventeen surprising and gross facts about your favourite foods that will make you look at your food in a brand new light. Strap yourselves in folks, because this one is going to be a wild ride!

1. The average jar of peanut butter has ten or more rodent hairs in it

There’s an average of one rodent hair in every 100 grams of peanut butter, meaning that your average jar of peanut buttery goodness has got at least ten rodent hairs lurking within it.

2. Your peanut butter is also full of crushed insects

The average jar of peanut butter also has a lot of crushed insects in it. There can be up to 150 bug parts for every pound of peanut butter. I guess that’s why it’s so crunchy!

3. Every glass of water you drink was once peed out by a dinosaur

There’s no avoiding this one, for every single glass of water you drink there’s an almost 100% chance that some of it once went through a dinosaur and came out the other side as pee.

4. Figs contain the bodies of dead wasps

Yep, most figs have dead wasps in them. This is because figs are pollinated by wasps crawling inside and bringing pollen with them. This is what enables figs to grow, but it’s still a bit weird in our eyes!

5. Apple seeds and cherry pits are toxic

When you digest apple seeds and cherry pits they release cyanide, meaning that eating enough of them can kill you!

6. Tomato sauce can be filled with fly eggs without you realising

Every half cup of tomato sauce can have thirty or more flies eggs included in the mix.

7. Baby carrots are just regular carrots that have been cut down

Baby carrots don’t exist in the wild and are just cut down from regular sized carrots.

8. Bananas are berries, but strawberries aren’t!

There’s something berry suspicious about this fact, but it’s 100% true! Bananas are classed as berries because of how they grow and strawberries are not classed as berries for the same reason. Maybe they should just switch names?

9. Vanilla flavouring comes from the anal glands of beavers

Beavers’ anal glands create a substance called castoreum, which is used in many popular foods and drinks as a substitute for vanilla flavouring.

10. Green gummy bears are strawberry flavoured

I can’t be the only one who thought green gummy bears were apple or lime flavoured, right? Well we’re wrong, they might be green but it turns out that they’re strawberry flavoured!

11. Canned tuna may contain bones

Don’t believe me? Just look at the packaging and then be prepared to search every can of tuna you ever open again for fish bones.

12. Canned citrus fruit juices can contain maggots or fly eggs

FDA standards dictate that every cup of canned citrus fruits are allowed to contain up to one maggot or five fruit fly eggs.

13. Pizza Hut used to be the largest wholesale purchaser of kale

Pizza hut was the biggest purchaser of kale until kale started to get trendy and people started buying as much as they could.

14. Cannibals say that human meat tastes like pork

Well, if I had to guess I was going to say chicken, so that’s me wrong!

15. All Froot Loops are the exact same flavour

Another one of our favourite foods that have confused us with their colouring, Froot Loops aren’t all individual flavours and just have the one flavour for every loop. Now I feel like I need to go and try a bowl and see if I notice it!

16. Sugar is bleached using animal bones

Most sugar is bleached using bone char from animal bones, which is what makes it white.

17. Red food dye is made from crushed beetles

One of the most popular red food dyes in the world is made from crushed up beetles. That’ll make you think twice about eating red candies, huh?

What do you think of our list of seventeen gross facts about your favourite foods? Did and of the facts on our list really surprise you? Do you know any gross food facts that didn’t make it onto our list? Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!