17 Futuristic Ideas Grocery Stores Have Come Up With To Make Shopping Easier

17 Futuristic Ideas Grocery Stores Have Come Up With To Make Shopping Easier

Grocery shopping is the bane of our lives. So these ideas are giving us life…

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After a hard day’s work, the last thing any of us want to do is spend hours in the grocery store getting food. It’s tiring, boring and requires energy we’re lacking by that time of day. We’re all longing for innovative ideas that’ll make that store experience much more quick and bearable.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Genius is all about making complex ideas simple. Which is why when we saw all these incredible ideas that make grocery shopping a hell of a lot easier, we couldn’t help but get over excited and share them with you.

Take a look through these smart ideas stores have come up with for your convenience…

1. This store has refrigerated meat vending machines in case you forget and the store closes

Pretty neat, huh? I should I say pretty ‘meat’ (sorry).

2. This store has carts in the middle of the store in case you get more than expected or forgot to pick one up on the way in

So handy for when you’re so brain dead by the time you go shopping that you just walk in without a cart/basket. I wish my local store did this.

3. This grocery store puts a magnifying glass on its carts to help to read food labels

Yes. Those ingredients on the back of the packaging are so damn hard to read. It would be nice to not be stood squinting with a mac n cheese 2 inches from my face.

4. This store has a bar in the middle of it for guests waiting for someone shopping

I love this. But how angry would you be if you were the one shopping?

5. This supermarket puts frozen products in a blue bag so you know what to unpack first at home

We love the convenience of this one.

6. This grocery store puts aisle directories on their carts to help you find your food quickly

No more scuttling through isles to find sweet chilli sauce!

7. This store’s toilets offer up six different toilet rolls they sell for you to try

This might be a sales technique, but we like feeling spoilt for choice

8. This store has a chilling machine to chill your wine in five minutes

This, we ADORE. It should be a requirement by law that every grocery store contains one of these machines.

9. This supermarket sells the marshmallows from Lucky Charms on their own

We all know what we love most about Lucky Charms, and this store catered to it. Thank you.

10. This store offers free samples of bacon

Everything about this is just great.

11. This store’s cart has a calculator so you can keep to your budget

It would save me megabucks if my local store had this!

12. This store offers a guaranteed ‘speedy checkout’

“If you’re 4th in line, your GROCERIES ARE FREE” This is the future.

13. The checkout to avoid temptation for kids

This would stop a lot of screams and tears!

14. This supermarket offers tags for your cart if it’s got wonky wheels

There is nothing worse than when you get a squeaky cart that wheels off in any direction it wants! Well done to this store!

15. This store gives you a guide for the bananas you buy

It would definitely help to have this guide on hand!

16. This store has a machine that dries your phone if you get it wet

This one would save a whole lot of stress!

17. To protect people’s privacy, this pharmacy gives people in the queue a pass time activity away from the counter

And offers up some fun activity whilst you wait! Very clever.

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