17 Funny Tweets That Explain Every Little Thing We Love About Food

17 Funny Tweets That Explain Every Little Thing We Love About Food

Foodies, you’ve come to the right place.

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If you’re looking for people as crazy obsessed with food as you are, we can help you with that! At Aunty Acid, we’re a bunch of food fanatics who love to talk all things grub. So naturally, we’ve gathered together 20 tweets that we know all you food lovers will be able to apply to your addiction. Our love for grub can lead to us going to extreme heights to feed that craving. These people summed it up perfectly.

Here are 20 tweets to show exactly what we love about food…

1. Deliveries have so many benefits

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Food deliveries are a foodies dream. And I’m not sure what we’d do without them.

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Because is there anything better than being stationary, separated and surrounded by takeout? Nope, I didn’t think so!

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2. Sometimes, there’s food guilt

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It’s not always pretty. But regardless of the guilt, we still don’t regret it.

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I’d rather be happy and sad about eating food than not eat it and just be sad! So it’s all logical!

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3. Food is always on the brain

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Erm, food is my longterm plan, okay?!

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Every foodie can relate to the fact that most of our focus and concentration goes on thinking about food. And that’s the way we want it!

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4. Ed Sheeran summed up the importance of ketchup

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As Ed so beautifully put it; “No one is too good for ketchup. Ketchup is too good for you.”

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Never withhold a condiment from a foodie, especially if that condiment is ketchup.

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5. The struggles of eating too fast

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It’s a daily struggle having to wait for our food to cool down.

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We have an extreme lack of patience when a plate of food is in front of us. Nevertheless, it’s heartbreaking when the thing we love most hurts us.

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6. Sharing food can become a big issue

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My family would fight to the death to ensure we all had even amounts of food.

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So I totally get this one. That is the kind of stuff that destroys families.

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7. Good enough for me…

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If you can have ice cream for breakfast, is there anything else to you need to do?

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An example of a crazy foodie’s mentality right here and we love it.

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8. When you question your entire existenceFunny Food Tweet

Who even am I if I’m always hungry?!

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Thank you, Snickers, for making me have an existential crisis on the grounds that I am, indeed, always hungry.

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9. The temptation of food is too much

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My hand did it, not me!

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And pretty much any exercise we do gives us an excuse to eat more food!

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10. Carbs are life

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Us foodies DO NOT go without carbs under any circumstances.

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Even the thought of no carbs gives me shivers!

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11. I repeat, foodies do not shareFunny Food TweetIf you’re eating with me, don’t even suggest getting two spoons.

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It’s just not gonna happen. Now go.

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12. I hate when this happens…

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I swear I was planning to order a salad. I swear.

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I can’t help it if my mouth spoke for me.

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13. Being obsessed with food is good and bad

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This pretty much sums up everything that is good and bad about us.

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But will we stop? NEVER!

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14. Trying to figure out what food mood you’re in

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And if he doesn’t let you decide, then there’s gonna be trouble.

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And if he doesn’t like to eat out, then he no longer exists.

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15. Everything and anything looks like food

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When food is always on the mind, it’s only natural for this to happen.

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And Princess Leia’s hair looks freakin’ scrumptious.

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16. Any time that we’re not eating is just awful

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Does anybody else dread the food being over when you’ve only just begun?

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Not eating is just the worst.

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17. All you aspire to do is eat

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I’m not afraid to say that it’s all I aim to do.

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Some people say eat to live, we definitely say live to eat.

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 So for all you foodies out there, we hope you feel safe in the knowledge that we get you! These are natural emotions and feelings to food…for a crazy, obsessive, food maniac. Let us know what you thought of this article on our Facebook post and feel free to share it with your fellow foodies!