16 Times That Kids Proved They Have Everything Figured Out

16 Times That Kids Proved They Have Everything Figured Out

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”

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It’s true what they say, children are the future. They’re the voice of tomorrow and the people that will make the world what it becomes. We don’t expect them to be making smart decisions yet, but some of them are still in diapers and already seem to rule the world.

We’ve collected a bunch of things kids did as evidence that they literally have it all figured out. And as crazy as it may seem, sometimes the inspiration we need comes not from looking up to adults, but looking down on the little ones around us!

1. This kid wasn’t afraid to show his crush he was keen

This is sweet as grapes (sorry). Men take a leaf out of this kid’s book. Crush goals.

2. This kid who aspires to be no one but herself

Praise this inspiring kid. A highlight of this incredible explanation is ‘I would never want to be somebody else. That’s not me’.

3. When this young girl understood the most important thing in life

Proof that Pizza is the best thing ever invented.

4. This adorable romantic couple

No, I can’t cope with this. Too adorable.

5. The kid who is destined to be a scientist

Lol, this kid knows what’s up and took matters into his own hands. Acting more adult-like than an adult. I love it.

6. This kid who has all the confidence we need

Omg, this kid is killing life and just inspiring us to love ourselves.

7. This daughter who is in charge of the household

This kid has got it SO together that she’s checking that the supermarket has it in order. She definitely has a great career ahead of her!

8. This genius’ comeback of the century

Reading this had made me wanna go back to my childhood and use this comeback on my siblings. 

9. This daughter who worked out how to manipulate her Dad 

I love the use of Dad’s political interests to benefit her personal interest. This girl will do well in life.

10. The kid that is already fighting for equality

The fact she doesn’t understand why that is happening is just brilliant. ‘Why did we come here’ indeed.

11. The 2-year old that’s coining new terms

I think we should request this one gets put in the dictionary. Genius.

12. This kid who has bath time all figured out

Yes! I think we all want to do this but just don’t wanna seem weird. I love this kid.

13. When this kid told her teacher exactly what she thought

I wish this kid was at my school! Collective punishment was the worst. She did her research too. Dad, we think you should definitely get her some ice cream, she’s gonna be a lawyer one day.

14. The kid that realised there was a benefit to his parents arguing…

Talk about taking a positive out of a negative situation! Perhaps this kid will be a motivational speaker.

15. This kid understands revenge is sometimes necessary

I have every faith that this kid will go far.

16. And this kid who just did what he wanted to

LOL. Kudos to this kid who is just living his best life and not putting up with any crap!

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