16 Things That Will Give You Flashbacks To Your High School Days

16 Things That Will Give You Flashbacks To Your High School Days

The good old days may be long gone…

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…but we still remember it like it was yesterday.

Ahhh high school; the bulk of your teenage life is spent in this establishment. An establishment which brings a variety of memories; joy, laughter, fun, friends, trauma, stress and a hell of a lot of embarrassment. Our experience in high school will be vastly different. But there are elements of high school that literally everyone can relate to.

Here is 16 things I think we all will remember from our time in high school…

1. When you accidentally walked into the wrong classroom…

30 sets of eyes on you just like WTF. These memories will continue to haunt me for the rest of time.

2. PRAYING that you wouldn’t get picked last in P.E Image result for beg gif

Another embarrassing one. It just mattered so much. Most of the time it was nothing to do with sport and rather a popularity contest. Which makes it even worse…

3. Remember when the teacher would sit with the ‘I’ll wait’ face whilst everyone continued to talk?

Lol, I loved this. In some classes we’d just continue to chat for another five minutes whilst the teacher expected us to just shut up. Memories.

4. When couples would be way too hands on and kiss between every period

NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR WET, SLOPPY SMOOCH, OKAY? Clearly, I’m still a little hung up on these people..

5. Your teacher’s smug response when you ask if you can go to the bathroom

Yes okay, Mrs Pearce, very funny. Still just as funny as the first time you said it FIVE YEARS AGO. Urgh, get a new joke.

6. Drawing these doodles all over your books

Omg, were you obsessed with these big S’s? My books were covered in them.

7. Remember these desks? They were such a nuisance…

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Standing up and dragging the whole desk with you was always frustrating. And the idea that you would ever be comfortable in a class that had these desks was just ridiculous.

8. When you dropped a pencil in class…

For some reason, it was like the idea of getting up to pick up a pencil was unheard of. So whenever the teacher turned their back, you’d take that moment to stoop as low in your chair as possible and stretch your body to retrieve that 2B.

9. Secretly passing these notes with your friends

They were the life and soul of a class.

10. Remember these awful erasers?

I don’t know why these sold because they were literally useless but I’m pretty sure everyone had one?! The rumour that the blue erased ink too- everyone said it but did anyone ever prove it?

11. When you would try to be inconspicuous so the teacher wouldn’t ask you the answer

Keep your head down, avoid eye contact and hope for the best.

12. Faking a note from your parents to avoid doing gym class

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Or begging your parents to give you one. Ladies, ever pretend you got your period to avoid it too? Classic.

13. The hesitation you felt when putting your hand up to answer a question (even though you knew it)

For some reason, even if you knew it, it was still scary.

14. Writing an essay on a book you didn’t read a single word of

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And feeling like a genius when you got a B+.

15. You and your friends had a spot for lunch and it made you furious if anyone took itImage result for mean girls lunch gif

You worked hard to get that spot in the cafeteria and you’ll be damned if you’re gonna let some 1st graders steal it now.

16. The teacher that everyone loved for being a big kid

The principal in the picture above created a charity fundraiser where students could pay 1$ for a strip of tape to tie him to the wall. What a legend!

Acidheads, do you remember and relate to doing these things in high school? I knew you would! Did we miss anything? Comment on our Facebook post with anything you think will be widely remember from our teens years in school and don’t forget to share this article with your friends!