16 Basic Discoveries That Will Simultaneously Blow Your Mind And Make You Laugh

16 Basic Discoveries That Will Simultaneously Blow Your Mind And Make You Laugh

You’re about to see the world in an entirely different way…

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…and it’s hilarious! Some are people are just woke AF. They’re figuring it all out and we’re just trailing behind getting high off their mind-boggling discoveries and thoughts!

So for your entertainment and to help you expand your philosophical psyche, we’ve compiled a list of profound thoughts that came from real people that we think are real geniuses! Take a look at these realizations that’ll blow your mind and leave you speechless and in stitches…

1. At age 30, you’ve spent a month having birthdays.

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How weird does that sound?! What’s scarier is at 60, that’s two months…

2. There exists a set of finite actions that, if I performed them in the correct order, would make me a millionaire in a day. I just don’t know what they are.

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It’s terribly distressing to hear but at the same time, I feel like it makes it seem slightly more hopeful that it could happen to you. Right? Just gotta figure out these finite actions…

3. Most of the sky is actually below your feet. And here’s a picture to help you understand.

MIND BLOWN. Go forth and tell everyone!

4. You aren’t actually afraid of being left alone in your house, or in the forest; You’re afraid that you AREN’T alone.

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Woahhh. So many epiphanies today. Though, I’m not sure this one is going to comfort me much the next time I’m walking alone at night…

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5. I wonder if, in past times, the space on Earth currently being occupied by my kitchen was the site of an epic life-or-death battle between two giant dinosaurs.

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I bet you can’t imagine a huge dinosaur battle in your hometown, but it legit could have happened!

6. Do you ever just think ‘I could be the best in the world at something I’ve never even tried before?’

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I wonder whether I could be the best ice skater in the world but I’ll sure as hell never try it so I’ll never know!

7. We were taught as kids not to get in strangers cars or meet strangers on the internet, and now we literally summon strangers from the internet and get in their cars.

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When you put it like that, it just seems absolutely crazy, doesn’t it?

8. My standard of living is far greater than that of a King in the medieval times.

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We’re all living better existences than previous royals and we don’t even realise…

9. ‘Queue’ is just Q followed by four silent letters.

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That is so WOKE.

10. When you buy and eat half a chicken, you are secretly sharing a meal with a stranger.

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OMG! How had we never thought of it like that before? Amazing.

11. Two people could be born at the exact same time, but because of time zones have different birthdays.

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That s**t is messed up. The world just isn’t right?! But it is! But it isn’t? My brain hurts.

12. Everyone actually has three voices; the one in your head, the one you hear when you talk and the one that everyone else hears instead.

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Who thought of this? It’s too much genius for my liking.

13. How far back in history do you have to go before it’s considered archaeology instead of grave robbing?

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Like these archaeologists just do as they please!

14. If jobs ads say ‘must be fluent in Mandarin’ why don’t they just put the entire ad in Mandarin? That way only fluent speakers would actually apply.

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15. Asking someone ‘where are you’ is only a recent thing. Before we had mobile phones, the only way we could talk to people is if they knew where we were.

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Mind blown again. People could never truly know where anyone was when they weren’t with them! Waiting for someone to come home must have been painful.

16. Millions of cells in your body died & were replaced before you reached the end of this article.

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And that’s how we’re gonna end this mind-boggling article!

What did you think, Acidheads? Does your brain feel scrambled or inspired? We love these facts! Do you have any you wanna share with us? Feel free to comment on our Facebook post and don’t forget to share this with family and friends! Peace out for now!