16 Annoying Truths You’ll Understand If You Have Big Boobs

16 Annoying Truths You’ll Understand If You Have Big Boobs

The struggle is real…

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Big breasted women, I got you. There may be plenty of good things about having a good sized pair of hooters, but you’re naive if you don’t think it gets on our nerves the majority of the time.

If you don’t have big boobs, you probably won’t understand the struggles we face..enter Aunty Acid to set the record straight. And for the beautiful busty ladies reading this, prepare to feel understood.

Finding dresses that fit your bust properly, finding a bra that is actually pretty and dealing with a backache are just some of the daily stresses we face. There are a million issues with having big boobs that ruffle our truffles, but these are just the WORST…

1. Button down shirts are a nightmare

The struggle is real. So you want a button down shirt that is fitted? Sorry, no chance – you just end up with these little embarrassing peepholes that give everyone an eye full. Great, oversized men’s shirt it is then!

2. It’s impossible to find a cute or sexy bra in your size

This is the ultimate bane of my life and I’m sure all you big boobed ladies agree. Why do stores seem to believe that well-endowed women don’t want to look cute or sexy AF in their bra? Apparently, we just want a plain, boring bra with no lace or detail?

3. Sports bras just don’t work for you…

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They do nothing to support you. Regardless of your sports bra, if you’re working out, nothing can stop these breasts from bouncing.

4. …and doing exercise is painful

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And not only does it hurt, they’re just always in the way?! A push up just isn’t possible.

5. Attention is always drawn to your boobs no matter what you wear

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You could be wearing a long sleeve turtleneck sweater and you’ll still catch eyes on your cleavage. They make t-shirts drop lower so they’re always on show.

6. Underboob sweat is stressful

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You don’t even know the half of it. Like, even when it’s cold, it’s just an issue. But working out is the worst. See above.

7. You can never go for the braless look…

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It just wouldn’t look like that, unfortunately. But it’s not just because you’d be paranoid about how it looks, it’s kinda painful to walk around with your boobs out of a bra all day. They would be jiggling all over the place.

8. And strapless bra’s don’t work too well either

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Don’t forget, big boobs are freakin’ heavy. So strapless bra’s do literally nothing to hold up your large breasts. This rules out strapless dresses,   vests and tees. Oh, and you can count backless dresses out of the picture too.

9. Crop tops don’t really work..they look more like bras

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Has anyone else noticed the way clothes stores are just filled with crop tops these days? Why do they assume everyone is a size 4 and B cup?! Crop tops do not work for busty women. Period.

10. Bathing suits just don’t fit right

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Ever. They definitely don’t create them with us in mind, do they? Where do I find a bathing suit that covers your breasts completely?

11. Sleeping can be super uncomfortable

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So sleeping on your front is out of the question, but does anyone get that horribly uncomfortable squish when your own your side, like your boobs are choking you? Guess I’m sleeping on my back then! (It’s boobs fault if I snore)

12. Guys pay too much attention to your boobs in bed

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As if they are the be all and end all and all sexual stimulation happens through them.

13. You drop crumbs down your top and they just get lost in there

You find them hours later hiding deep under your left boob. Probably along with some boob sweat. It’s a hard life.

14. Clothing with built-in bras is a no go

There’s no chance that built-in bra will accommodate your size, so this is another item of clothing you have to avoid at all costs. Sob.

15. You’ll try on 20 bra’s to find the one with the most support

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You need a full day for bra shopping. First, you’ve gotta search to find a bra that’s actually cute, then the majority you try aren’t holding you up and strapping you in. So by the time you find ONE bra that’s alright, you’ve tried on about 2347. Sigh.

16. Two words: Backache.

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Before when I said the bane of my life was finding a cute bra, I lied. A backache is the true bane of my life. And I’m sure it is for many of you reading this too. There’s nothing better than the feeling of whipping off your bra when you get home and finally releasing those puppies.

Big breasted ladies, what did you think? Did I miss anything? Comment on the Facebook post with any other daily struggles of having a big cleavage. And don’t forget to share this article with the world!