15 Times That People Had Brutal Comebacks For Guys That Deserved It

15 Times That People Had Brutal Comebacks For Guys That Deserved It

We have NO sympathy, just admiration…

We highly appreciate when somebody bites back and it’s witty as hell. We appreciate it so much more when the person who is at the receiving end of the clapback truly deserves it. Whatever rude or inappropriate thing they may have said, there isn’t a better way to put someone in their place by responding with humorous wit. If the idea of this appeals to you too, keep reading…

We have compiled a list of times that the standard womanizer acted grossly towards someone and that person turned around and knocked them down a notch or two…

1. This gross guy got put in his place

Wow. Did he really just say that? Really?

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That girl could not have handled the situation better though. Kudos to her.

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2. This girl made sure she ‘got the job done’


Oh, you want the job done? Well, that should do it.

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That’ll teach him not to be so rude and selfish.

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3. This person who created a disorder to get rid of a player

And that’s enough to make him never contact you again!

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And we’re getting some serious imagery right now but it’s worth it for that clapback!

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4. Send a picture? Sure…

Erm, you did not specify so I’m gonna send you a random dog pic…

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And when you do specify, you’re not getting one anyway.

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5. Amazing description from this lady

And that’ll definitely get a guy off your back!

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Why do all these guys insist on getting straight into it?

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6. This douche got put right in his place

Ergh, doesn’t it rile you up that us girls have to put up with this c**p?

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The only saving grace is that we can destroy them in one sentence like this girl did.

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7. He doesn’t know how central heating works?!

I’m actually shocked, like how stupid is he?

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Kudos to this girl, that’s a brilliant comeback for a douche.

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8. When he asks for a pic and you decide to oblige

Well, she did what you asked, didn’t she?

Image result for you asked for it gif

And we think she’s AMAZING for it.

Image result for that was great gif

9. When he asks a “random” question

Let’s be real here, Domino’s or Subway is a much better question to answer.

Image result for dominos subway gif

And I will bet this guy did not see that coming. Genius.

Image result for girl pizza gif

10. This amazing conversation that just kept giving

Clearly, he still isn’t getting the message so he continues…

This girl is amazing. I truly hope by the end he was getting the message. But I’m honestly not sure.

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11. When a guy sends you an unwanted, inappropriate picture

“Honey, you’ve done the growing, and you ain’t showing” is the best response EVER.

Image result for slay girl gif

And I’m definitely stealing it the next time I have to deal with a jacka** like this guy.

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12. An absolutely AMAZING response

I don’t think anyone could have responded better than this girl.

Image result for laughing and clapping gif

We are so impressed right now!

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13. This guy got roasted

And Justin, you deserve everything that’s coming for you from that pickup line.

Image result for roasted gif

Why is Tinder so full of these guys. *sigh*

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14. Oh, you wanna do a knock knock joke? Okay, let’s go…

Yas queen! Leave him for dead.

Image result for yas queen gif

Ain’t nothing worse than a cr**py Tinder joke.

Image result for tinder gif

15. This amazing response to this player

Tell it like it is! Why do these guys insist on being creepy after two words have been exchanged?!

Image result for ohh gif

Is there any hope for us, ladies? *sigh*

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Well, there you have it, Acidheads! I’m pretty sure you can all relate on some level to these type of guys. But next time (if there is a next time, hopefully not) comeback at them like these girls did! Tell it like it is! Have you got any weird/funny experiences you wanna share with us where you hit back? Comment on our Facebook post and let us know!