15 Things You Probably Never Knew About Jurassic Park

15 Things You Probably Never Knew About Jurassic Park

Back in 1993, the release of the original Jurassic Park movie made waves that rippled across the globe…

It brought the topic of dinosaurs into the forefront of people’s minds and made us more thankful than ever that they don’t still exist today!

Remember the scene where they’re eating dessert and the jelly starts to wobble on her spoon? Pretty freakin’ scary stuff!

But, did you ever notice all of the subtle hidden clues inserted into a number of scenes throughout the movie? Some of them gave away a lot, but might’ve just flown straight over your head.

Take a look and see if you’ve ever caught onto any of these!

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1. The seat belts are trying to tell you something

Did you notice when Alan had two ‘female’ components of a seatbelt?

Jurassic Park 90S GIF

Whether they meant it or not, it’s actually a sign of the events to come.

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In which the dinosaurs are able to breed despite being genetically engineered not to be able to.


2. They were planning an expansion

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If you’re the eagle-eyed type, you might have noticed the ‘Jurassic Europe‘ sign behind Ellie.

Hammond had been planning to take the franchise overseas and make it a worldwide attraction.

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Until, you know, sh*t hit the fan…


3. Whoopsie

Mistakes happen. Especially when you aren’t able to produce every kind of effect artificially.

There’s little doubting the credibility of Jurassic Park as one of the all-time classic films.

But still, in this image, there’s a clearly visible sprinkler producing the rainwater as the T-Rex roars.

I know, I know… you’ll never be able to unsee it now. Sorry.


4. That text is anything but random

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Velociraptors are just a bit evil looking aren’t they?

In the scene where they break inside the main building, one of the savage carnivores walks past a projector and a bunch of seemingly random letters cover its face.

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But, those letters are actually the components of DNA, the very thing that allowed the scientists to create the dinosaurs in the first place.

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Pretty freakin’ clever right?


5. The park scientists were ahead of their time

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Dr Alan Grant continuously makes comparisons between dinosaurs and present-day birds.

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Something that wouldn’t have meant much to the audiences watching at the time.

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Amazingly though, a couple of years after the films release, scientists made a breakthrough.

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The discovery was a dinosaur covered in “fuzzy protofeathers“, which confirmed that birds were actually the descendants of dinosaurs after all!


6. Clever cinematography

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Remember that scene where the T-Rex is let loose, as the team watch on from inside the vehicle?

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Don’t you think it’s strange that the first shot you get of the magnificent beast is from the other side of a pain of glass?

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Well, Spielberg did this on purpose, to make you feel like you are there with them.

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That’s about as close as I’d like to get to be honest!


7. Velociraptors aren’t the best time-keepers

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When you think of Jurassic Park, one of the first images that come to mind is, of course, the Raptors.

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They were one of the central protagonists and were bloomin’ scary too.

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Yet, apart from the brief appearance of a baby, they don’t actually make an appearance until a full 1hr 40mins into the movie.

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C’mon guys, a bit late to the party!


8. The sound effects were from all over the place

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You might wonder how they created the sounds for all of the dinosaurs.

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Especially considering the fact that none are alive today to replicate.

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Well, by using a mixture of animals noises and combining them together, that’s how.

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Take the T-Rex for example, it’s roar is a mixture of penguins, dogs, alligators, elephants and tigers. Bet you never knew that!


9. Those fences don’t exactly look sturdy

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So we can establish that Jurassic Park is basically a blend of a theme park and a zoo… for dinosaurs.

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In that park is a combination of some of the largest and most aggressive beasts to have ever lived on planet earth.

So why in the world would install such pathetically puny fences?!


10. Was Lost based on the same island?

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There’s something eerily similar about a couple of scenes in the hit TV series and the 1993 classic.

jurassic park film GIF

It appears they were both based on the same island or islands that look extremely similar.

I would’ve loved a crossover, imagine Jack and the team having to deal with the ‘others‘ and a pack of wild Segisaurus.


11. Dinosaurs more popular than sports?

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They certainly thought they would be.

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During the presentation scene in the dining room, one of the slides has something rather intriguing on it.

A graph that suggests that within the next few years, dinosaurs would be looked upon more favourably than both sports and zoos.

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Ambitious! But, I agree that a T-Rex is probably more appealing to watch than a sloth.


12. Some actors were harmed in the making…

Acting in a big blockbuster isn’t always plain sailing.

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Sam Neill, who excellently played Dr Alan Grant, can testify to that.

Image result for sam neill jurassic park flare

Whilst holding a flare, he said it “dropped some burning phosphorous on me and got under my watch and took a chunk of my arm out

Image result for dr grant

Talk about commitment!


13. The film plugged its own merchandise

think tom hanks GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

I’ll be very impressed if you noticed this one. So try and think back…

In one of the scenes, a book is displayed in the background that reads “The Making of Jurassic Park“.

This is actually a real book by Don Shay and Jody Duncan.


14. Speilberg is a fan of his own work

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Another one for the keen-eyed folk out there.

Anybody notice what Dennis Nedry was watching on one of his computers?

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That’s right, only Steven’s original blockbuster, JAWS.


15. There’s an Independence Day crossover

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Whilst sat in the back of the jeep, watching a T-Rex chase after them, Dr Malcolm mutters something that sounds familiar… He says “must go faster”.

Image result for independence day must go faster gif

A line he uses in Independence Day when they’re attempting to escape from the enemy alien ship.

In both scenarios, I think I would’ve used one or two more expletives if it were me…


There you have it… How many of those did you know about? I’d be very impressed if the answer was all of them! 

Let me know what you think in the comments!