15+ Pictures That We Really Don’t Understand But Are Still Intriguing Us

15+ Pictures That We Really Don’t Understand But Are Still Intriguing Us

Prepare to confused, baffled and mildly shocked…

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Sometimes pictures just don’t make sense. That could be because they’re an optical illusion, or it could be that we just don’t understand why someone would do what they’re doing. Bottom line is, we just don’t understand!

But for some reason, we can’t help but be endlessly intrigued by what the hell is going on. These pictures do exactly that. We’ve compiled a list of strange, bizarre, weird, confusing images that will make you say ‘wait what?!’ So prepare for your brain to fry…

1. We’ve all come so far. This is exactly what 2018 needs…

I really have no idea why this would ever be necessary to purchase.

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Who thinks to themselves “I know what I want! I want a printer that copies images of me and my family onto cheese slices!” No one, that’s who.

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2. When you’re waiting for a parcel and UPS decide to let it go for a swim


I mean, who delivered this? Why did he not think a lake would be a bad idea?

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Who hurt him?! I have so many questions…

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3. Yes, this is an image of two screws put into a cookie

And I really have no clue why it happened. And i’m not sure I wanna know.

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How could you do that to a cookie?!

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4. I don’t know how this came to happen, but i’m glad it did

Did he adopt this position to let the bird sit on him? Did he bring the bird on board? Who owns the bird?!

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Once again, far too many unanswered questions. Keep reading if you want more of those…

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5. It’s questionable why he chose to do this but thank God he did.   

What a great picture. We can’t stop laughing.

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I just wish there was a shot when they all attacked!

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6. How on earth did that get in there?

How? Like, those things are heavy. And more importantly, why?

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Was this revenge for someone who called shotgun?

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7. This chicken lover saw a photo opportunity

Now, once again, we can’t tell you what’s going on.

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All we can do is say you’re welcome.

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8. The stupidity of this one has us genuinely in shock

I wouldn’t worry about cooling down the charger…

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You will literally have no charger in about five minutes.

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9. Sometimes you just don’t wanna leave the TV at home…

Well, that’s a cute look! I would have been intrigued about why people are sat down queuing behind her. But all attention that would usually be on them was removed when TV head girl appeared on the street. We have far too many questions, as I’m sure you do too. But we’re just glad this happened to be honest.

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10. Nothing says confused like a guy curled up all emotional in a bathroom amongst a sea of bread

Nothing like this has ever happened before. Don’t get me wrong, we appreciate it. But we really, really, don’t understand. Like, at all.

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Does anyone know? Please enlighten me!

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11. Well that’s something I wouldn’t expect to see from my window

strange photo

This picture is giving us the giggles.

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All I can keep thinking is; who did his credit check?

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12. Because everyone needs a spaghetti skateboard!

strange photos

Did you not know? It’s the new craze! Just plate up some of Mom’s spaghetti, pop your feet in them and voila!

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No but in all seriousness, what the HELL.

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13. Ah yes, the ole’ sneaker in mouth method of driving

really weird picture

I’ve heard it really improves concentration on the road.

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I have far too many questions for this picture.

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14. I really would love to know how this conversation went down

really weird pictures

But he looks pretty serious, doesn’t he? I feel like he’s really getting into it!

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This one is pretty adorable.

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15. Take a look at the positioning of his headphones!

It’s like a music note! What a crazy coincidence! We absolutely love it.

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The worst part is, he probably didn’t even notice.

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16. That’ll get your hands clean!

Wash your hands with water on water! What’s strange is that it seems to fit perfectly.

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Is it meant to be there? Surely not!

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