15+ People Who Just Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes

15+ People Who Just Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes

Life is full of weird little surprises. You just never know when you might come across something completely bizarre and interesting, which is why it’s so important to keep your eyes open (and your cameras at hand!). That’s how the people of Reddit and Twitter below were able to capture these hilarious and freakin’ strange moments…

1) “I just wanna be this rich and corny dawg”

This would definitely make you look twice- however he’s not doing a very good job at being inconspicious! C’mon Batman- I know you’re middle aged now but you should still try!

2) “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I pulled up next to these mid snowstorm”

You know when something is SO cute it literally makes you want to cry? This is one of those things. We wish we knew the location of this photo so we could track down the owner and ask if they’d be willing to give them up to us for adoption. Can you imagine their puppies?!


3. “It’s not every day you see Beyoncé at Target.”

Why is it whenever I go to Target in my sweats and my greasy hair tied up in a bun I bump into my ex and his new girlfriend- but when other people go they bump into actual BEYONCE!? We can’t even imagine how starstruck we’d be. We also love that Queen Bey herself has remained humble and still shops at Target!


4. “Who said that windmills were not useful when there was no wind?”

They clearly have more uses than one- as these clever little sheep found out!


5. “My sister just saw this beautiful family out for a drive in Taiwan.”

That is the dream right there. Seriously, who needs a people carrier full of screaming kids when you can have a motorbike full of puppies? We know which one we’d prefer. ADORABLE!


6. “I got a bit dizzy from those legs…”

There’s double jointed and then there’s this. She’s like a real life Stretch Armstrong. We seriously can’t tell where one leg begins and the other ends. Does she realize she’s a real life optical illusion?


7. “I thought it was going to be funny. But now when I look at him, I feel that this is very unsettling…”

Nope. This is the stuff of nightmares. It’s up there with the creepy spider/doll from Toy Story. Let’s just all agree on the fact that you should never remove doll heads/limbs and put them on another object okay? The result is HORRIFIC and we hate it.



8. “I honked at the car in front of me, and this angry Alpaca popped out, and now I’m not sure what to do…”

There’s a backstory that we definitely need to know here. This has to be the best ‘wtf?!’ moment ever. His angry expression is priceless. There’s just so much we love about this photo.


9. “What is going on in my backyard pond?”

Really though- what is happening? It looks so apocolypic and bizarre! Can anybody help us with what is going down here?!


10. “I really have to give this NYC subway ad a hand…or 6???”

Well, this is creepy and random AF. But hey- I bet people remember it! Those clever marketers know exactly what they’re doing!

11. “I decided to take a different route to work and saw this store window. I haven’t slept for the last week.”

This is freakin’ horrifying. Do they realise that NOBODY is entering that store whilst these are in the window!? It’s having the opposite effect to what a window display is supposed to do. What’s wrong with a freakin’ normal mannequin?!


12. “Can I get uuuuuh one unhappy meal?”

My 14 year old self would’ve loved this place. Dont expect service with a smile in there!


13. “It’s been the longest flight of my life.”

Nope. This is too much. This is sending our anxiety levels through the roof just looking at it! We always opt for a window seat, but on this occasion, we’d be praying for the middle row.


14. “We live in Alaska. It was negative 6 degrees outside…”

He’s clearly trying to prove the point to his wife that this WASN’T  a waste of money. “I WILL GET USE OUT OF THIS CONVERTABLE I SWEAR!”

Or maybe he’s having a mid life crisis? Who knows?


15. “This makes me hairy uncomfortable.”

Okay so it looks creepy and horrendous…But damn does it look soft!


16. “We thought we could play basketball here. But it seems surfing will be more suitable.”



“Ah looks like we’ll have to give exercising a miss today- what a shame. What a crying shame”


17. “It seems I have to run away from this house and never look back.”

This would be our cue to move out IMMEDIATELY and never look back. This is too Paranormal Activity for our liking.

Have you ever caught a bizarre or interesting moment on camera? Leave us a photo in the comments and don’t forget to share this!