15 Of The World’s Most Weird Houses. #14 is GENIUS

15 Of The World’s Most Weird Houses. #14 is GENIUS

We have a sneaky suspicion that some of these may be struggling in their local realtor’s…

Moving house is one of those things which you either love or hate. Some of us find the prospect of moving and setting up a new home exciting and adventurous. It gives us the opportunity to have a ‘fresh start’,  get creative with interior design and to (hopefully) meet some nice new neighbours. 

Others not so much. Moving house is undoubtably stressful and there seems to be a million and one little details to organise before you can even begin to think about decorating and design. 

Throughout history, people have gone from dingy caves to wooden huts to majestic castles to high rise flats. However, nowadays- it seems like there’s a whole new wave of properties which are simply inexplainable. Some people are forced to get creative because they have to (like if they’re converting a small or unusual space) – while others do so just because.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s no denying that some of these houses are absolutely incredible- but we’re still undecided on whether we could practically live in them…

1) The world’s slimmest house- Poland

Polish architect Jakub Szczesny has built the world’s narrowest house, just 122 centimetres across at its widest point. We feel claustrophobic just looking at it!

2) Boeing 727-200 house in Hillsboro, Oregon

Ok, this is totally cool. This high altitude home was built by aviation enthusiast Bruce Campbell in 1999 and set him back $100k. It may not be the most roomy home in the world- but he can sleep easy knowing it’s completely fire resistant and has superior security locks.

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