15+ Bakers Who Tried Really Hard But Ended Up Failing Miserably

15+ Bakers Who Tried Really Hard But Ended Up Failing Miserably

We give them an A+ for effort…

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How fun is baking cakes? We love it. Especially the part where you eat the cakes. However, sometimes we don’t get to that point because the actual baking part doesn’t quite go as we planned and the cake ends up looking completely inedible. And although you’ve spent 4 hours in the kitchen putting all your efforts into your masterpiece, it ends up looking nothing like the picture you were going off!

But this makes for some hilarious comparisons. And we’ve compiled a list of hilarious pics of when people tried to make the perfect cake, but the result was entirely different…

1. This very happy looking clown vs. this terrifying one that resembles IT

Well, that definitely isn’t gonna work for Ryan’s 8th birthday party…

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I think the kids would be petrified. We appreciate the effort but maybe try something a bit simpler next time.

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2. This guy tried to make an edible figure of his girlfriend…

…and I think the result is gonna get him a slap.

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I’d be a bit offended by that one but we’ve got to remember, God loves a trier!

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3. This strange rainbow thing was always gonna be impossible to replicate

Yes, it didn’t turn out great, and yes, that horn does resemble something else. I wouldn’t wanna put that out at a birthday party…

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And when looking at the original cake, I swear this person should have known not to attempt something so difficult!

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4. So this amazing Hulk cake was this baker’s aim…Image result for hulk cake

But in reality, their cake turned out like this…

When I’ve stopped laughing, the only thing I could say is at least we can actually tell who it is!

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5. When your daughter loves hedgehogs and you find a gorgeous cake to copy…

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But the result ends up putting her off hedgehogs for life…

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That is some terrifying stuff. One question; WHY the teeth?

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6. This duck cake which the baker completely screwed up

The strange shape of that cake makes it an almost impossible task to replicate.

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But I am just glad this person attempted it and I can get some comic relief by looking at it.

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7. This monstrosity that desperately wants to be as pretty as Ariel

Unfortunately, I have to say it’s failing miserably.

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I just feel sorry for the poor unfortunate souls that had to eat this!

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8. This lamb cake didn’t quite live up to expectations


I mean, the icing didn’t quite go to plan, did it?

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And don’t get me started on the wonky eyes…just plain baaaad! (sorry)

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9. This Pikachu cake didn’t quite go to plan…

It’s a difficult one to replicate, and we expected that it would not go to plan. We were right…


A Pikachu in the shape of R2-D2? Okay then…

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10. This minion cake just sums it all up really


This is pretty much how it turns out for me every time.

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Yet I never learn and continue to try (and fail)

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11. When you wanna make a swan cake but think ‘screw it’ halfway through

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So that was the beautiful aim. But when things weren’t going right, this baker decided to just give up…


and use paper and TOILET ROLL for the swan’s head?!

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12. This cute little turtle that’s eyes are drooping

And his body is crumbling. Poor guy.

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At least he still has a smile on his face!

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13. This kitten cake was an epic fail

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So that is the expectations of how it would turn out. However it ended up like this…


I’m not sure what happened to the side of his face but I feel sorry for him.

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14. We give this baker an A+ for effort but…

Clearly, this person is talented and a good baker, but when it comes to precision…

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That sure as hell isn’t Elsa.

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15.  The Spongebob Squarepants that face planted the ground

You could argue that this is a Spongebob that fell off a twenty story building?

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Then I would say it’s a pretty great cake!

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16. This unidentifiable animal that was meant to be a pony

My Little Pony got a haircut. And we’re not big fans. She has also changed animal…

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…and is now a dolphin/horse/manatee combination.

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Disastrous much? Have you had any kitchen incidents that were enough to put you off for life? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook post and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends!