14 Weird Things Women Do As Soon As They Find Out They’re Pregnant

14 Weird Things Women Do As Soon As They Find Out They’re Pregnant

Pregnancy is weird, right? I mean, something just starts growing inside you one day, and doing strange things to you.

So it’s little wonder that some people tend to go off the deep end when they get knocked up.

You’ll find a lot of people add some really strange behavior to their days, whether they mean to or not.

It’s a long time 9 months, so it really gives you time to find out how strange of a personality you really have. Oh, and to buy baby clothes. Lots and lots of baby clothes. Too many baby clothes, really.

You might as well dive in with the weird stuff right off the bat! So pay attention, if you ever find yourself pregnant, here are those odd things that everyone accepts as normal… but they’re odd.

1. You take a picture of your at-home pregnancy test and message it to someone

Sheesh, who needs to see a little blue stick that you just took a pee all over? Nobody, that’s who! And yet you send one anyway! Well thanks!

2. And then you find a perfect spot to stash it because you want to keep it in your memory box forever

Because when you’re going through some stuff in a few decades’ time, there’s nothing that’ll bring back those memories like a blue and white plastic stick that smells faintly of urine. Good times!

3. And you immediately download one of those countdown apps telling you which fruit or veggie represents the current size of your baby

They’re always the size of such weird things! Who would ever compare anything else to the size of a dill pickle other than an unborn baby? How strange!

4. You try really hard to keep your pregnancy a secret and fail miserably

Oh you’ve suddenly given up drinking and you’ve brought your own decaf coffee around to my house in case I didn’t have any. What could POSSIBLY be going on!?


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