14 Roommates Who Took Pettiness To New Levels

14 Roommates Who Took Pettiness To New Levels

Living with other people has its ups and downs…

For anyone that has had roommates for large parts of their lives, they’ll know that that’s a freakin’ understatement. When times are good, they’re absolutely brilliant, so much fun and life is nothing but a smooth sailing boat known as the friendship (sorry). But when times are bad, well, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Plus, there are the pranks, oh the pranks. The unofficial rules state that the pettier the better and I for one am thankful because the results are freakin’ hilarious! Check them out!


1. They say romance is dead these days

Who doesn’t like a romantic surprise really?

Rose petals leading to the bedroom can only mean one thing!

And the special reveal is… the rent is due.


2. Shower curtain upgrade


The funny thing about this is that even though it was intended to be a sarcastic prank…

Image result for nicolas cage

I actually wouldn’t mind having a curtain with the film legend (there’s no other word to describe him) on.

Image result for unsure gif

Maybe he’s more of an acquired taste.


3. Myyyy Precious

So you wake up at 4 am… you’re half asleep… and you see this guy. What do you do?

Related image

Scream for dear life that’s what you do.

Image result for laughing gif

I just hope their roommate had a camera set up to capture their reaction because I’m sure it would’ve made for good viewing.


4. Cleaning Party

Now this sounds like one party I DO NOT want to be a part of.

But, you have to hand it to them… it’s definitely an ingenious way of trying to get the housework done.

Image result for fine! gif

And of course, you would reluctantly do it because they went to the effort of making an event on Facebook. You see, clever!


5. Passive aggressive art gallery

There are two types of people in this world…

…The kind that addresses a potential problem head on

…And the kind that does this sort of thing instead.

I know which one I find more hilarious!


6. New threads


When you think your funny little joke is going to do nothing but make your roommate laugh.

But then they actually put it on a stroll around the house instead.

Image result for bravo gif

To that sir, I say Bravo. Bravo indeed.


7. The definition of being ‘extra’

I think it’s the people that take the time out of their day to do things like this that keep the country moving forward.

Why do I say that I hear you ask?

Because well, people say laughter is the best medicine. And these are very entertaining!


8. Diana shrine

This seems like the only logical step to take in this situation.

I’m sure she appreciated his devotion to the British monarchy…

Related image

Oh Diana, Princess of Wales, gone but never forgotten.


9. Toilet roll solves all problems

You see, it’s not all about evil, petty pranks here.

Image result for that is correct gif

Has a truer statement ever been made in the history of mankind really?

Image result for mountain of toilet roll

A toilet roll filled home is a happy home. So maybe get this much to be safe.


10. Does it go over or under?

Whilst we’re on the topic of toilet roll…

Image result for hmmm gif

I can’t actually tell if they are being facetious or they’re really that stupid.

Related image

Either way, it does make me wonder,  what is the correct way? Over of course!


11. Friendly clown

Not for those who have a fear of clowns.

Or just don’t like horrible shocks first thing in the morning when they need to pee.

Related image

But just remember, if you can get through an ordeal like that, then you can get through anything.


12. “In case of miracle”

Made For My Roommate

Sarcasm is just the best, don’t you agree?

Unless you’re the person at the butt of the joke that is.

Image result for dont remind me gif

Still, it’s better than the freakin’ clown thing!


13. Drunken Mess

What do you do if a random number sends you a picture of your roommate passed out drunk?

With his pants soaked in his own pee, I might add?

You put the picture on the side of a mug for everyone in the house to see each and every day of course.


14. Secret ‘Stache’!

Not all jokes have to be loud and colorful.

The subtle ones can often be the most golden.

Image result for cracking up gif

Case in point: 5 months after this roommate moved out, the people still living there found his “secret stache“. Now C’mon, that’s funny!


Pranking your roommates and just generally being as petty as possible is a way of life when you live with a group of people. It’s almost an unofficial right of passage, something you must go through before you can go on to have that ‘mature‘ life living with a partner or alone. In other words, you need to get it all out of your system before you’ve got to start properly ‘adulting’. Yawn! 

What did you make of these acts of pettiness? Let me know in the comments!