14 People Who Went Above And Beyond In The Name Of Ridiculousness

14 People Who Went Above And Beyond In The Name Of Ridiculousness

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There’s a lot of people in this world, a lot. There’s also a lot of weird and ridiculous things that happen too… and a lot of the time they’re caused by all the weird and ridiculous people. We’re all guilty of taking things a bit too far every now and then, the odd joke here, the odd prank there… however there are some people on this planet that just go above and beyond the call of ridiculousness, and below is a prime example of that.

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1. This Woman Who Had Other Priorities.

In her defense, she just posted a FIRE selfie on instagram and she had to keep track of the likes rolling in.

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The guy seems totally into it though. Sorry boys but, we’ve have our priorities and you are no longer one of them.


2. This Library That Has Clearly Had ENOUGH Of People’s Orea Antics.

What happened? Was it Oreo-specific? Do double-stuffed or strawberry Oreos count or is it just one specific  style of Oreo that’s prohibited? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

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Maybe the Librarian is just incredibly allergic, or possibly on a very strict diet and has absolutely no self control what-so-ever. I guess we’ll never know… SIGH.


3. In A World Full Of Kardashians; Be A Katinowsky.

I have no idea where this man lives but I want to be his best friend immediatley. What he is selling, I am buying.

For those of you who haven’t been on the internet for the past 6 months, Bill is referring to the Thibaut “thong-jeans” which were first showcased during Tokyo Fashion Week a few months back. Yep, that’s right, they exist and they cost $168. And there’s a wait-list for them.

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This is a whole other level of ridiculousness they I am just not mentally and emotionally prepared for at all. Whatever floats your boat though, I guess…



4. This Absolute Abomination.

I am seriously torn on this one. I mean, okay, these teeny tiny stuffed bears are like, super cute. But they’re also trapped inside of a polypropylene prison for all of eternity. My childhood is officially ruined.

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Not only that, but we all  know what we do on the toilet. Do you really want that many eyes on you while you’re doing your buisness? Especially tenny tiny eyes like look so cold and dead… what did these little furry creatures do to deserve this?


5. Jesus Died For Our Fashion Choices.

I’m not sure if I’ll be sent to Hell for this one, but I know this guy definitely will be. Not only are they imractical, but theyre just plain wrong. I’m impressed with the bravey it took to wear these out in public however, so there’s something.

tina fey shades GIF by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Well I guess if people are willing to pay nearly $200 for thong-jeans then this guy should be allowed to wear whatever he wants. There’s just one question I have though… where on earth do you find something like that!?


6. This Highly Qualified Hair Stylist Who Is Definitely Going To Go Far.

Now I may not have the hippest hairstyle in town, and I’m all for people trying to achieve their dreams and making their passion into a career… but maybe this particular person should have had a few more trials runs before putting anything out on the internet for all the world to see.

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But hey, at least she’s trying… I guess? Keep at it girl you’ll get there eventually… hopefully…


7. This Kind-Of Polite A*shole.

Obviously who ever owns that car is no stranger to cutting people off… so at least they had the foresight to get a personalised licesense plate with an apology on it.

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If it was me however, I’d still be pretty damn mad I was cut off, but I guess I’m just a little old fashioned when it comes to manners and proper road etiquette!


8. This Horrifying Piece Of Home Decor.

Picture this; you’ve just moved into your first ever home or apartment, your friend brings you a gift to congratlate you on your new place, you love it, you display it immediatley. Then one lazy Sunday when you’re crazy hungover and wishing for death while lying on your couch, you brush up against it and accidently reveal an eye. You’re intrigued, you begin to brush some more, and a begins to appear. You brush everything, you see the face, you recognize the face, it’s the face of Nicholas Cage. You have a heart attack and promptly die right there and then.

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Okay, maybe you wouldn’t die, but be honesty, it would be one hell of a shock! I always thought I wouldn’t mind having Nicholas Cage on my couch… well, thanks to this pillolw, I now know that I would. I would mind a lot.


9. This Business Man Who Either Really Loves His Job… Or Really Hates His Job.

I can’t decide whether this guy is just incredibly dedicated to his job or if he’s actually just lost him mind. Maybe he thinks the subway is his office? Maybe the subway is his office. Either way, I feel bad for him.

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Or you know maybe he’s just trying to get a head start so he can cut out early and head to Ale House for a bucket o’ beers with the boys, the possibilities are endless. I will say this though, he is fine as hell.

10. This Guy Who Has Made A Very Questionable Tattoo Decision.

I’m not one to judge people on their tattoos, I actually really like tattoos and think when they’re done well they can actually come out pretty darn nice. This, THIS however, I cannot condone, and will never ever be able to do so. I would just love to know what was going through this guys head when thought up this ridiculous idea.

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What annoys me even more is that there is a tattoo artist out there who heard this idea a thought “heck yeah I’ll tattoo Scooby Doo’s collar on you permanently! Great idea!”. There’s being a fan of something and then… there’s this. I’m super weirded out right now.


11. This Lady Who Is Obviously Very Excited To Be Pregnant And Wants The Whole World To Know It.

I do love a good bit of nail art, I myself splurge on intricate nail art every now and then. But this? I really don’t know. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it it’s just… well it’s totally ridiculous.

angry office space GIF

Props to the nail artist though who was able to carry out this woman’s request in a professional manner… the likeness is uncanny!

12. The Worlds Most Confusing Advertisement.

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I can’t decide if it’s an advertisement for a super expensive sushi restaurant, a really cheap “quirky” boutique dress shop, or the latest Lady Ga Ga inspired Barbie doll.

leaving whose line is it anyway GIF by Cheezburger

Well whatever it’s for, it’s creepy af and if I saw this outside a place I would be sure to avoid that place for the rest of my life. Not worth the risk really is it?


13. The Guy Who Tried… But Also Didn’t Really Try At All.

In complete contrast to the guy working on the subway, we have this guy (or girl, I’m no sexist!). This guy was either having a really bad day or has just finally given up putting any effort whatsoever into his job.

at least you tried the simpsons GIF

If you think about it though, it probably took a lot more effort to actually trace around the weeds than it would to just go straight down the side of the road. Maybe it’s some kind of artistic process? Either way, it’s pretty freakin’ hilarious, And at least you’ll always know what street your on!

14. This Queen Who Went To Drastic Measure’s To Get Her Crush To Notice Her.

We’ve all been there ladies, desperate times call for desperate measures… when you’ve tried literally everything to get your crush to notice you but stil to no avail, sometimes it’s best just to grab the nearest table and bring his attention to the wagon you be draggin’!

linda belcher GIF by Bob's Burgers

I’d really like to know how this one ended. Then again, even if her crush still didn’t notice her, I bet there were millions of other people who did, and appreciated what a talent she had! Slay every day girl!


So go on folks… what did you think of those? Know anybody as ridiculous as this? For your sake I hope not! But if you have a ridiculous story why not share it in the comment section and continue the laughs with us? Also don’t forget to like and ahre with all your friends and family! AA x