14 People Who Are Basically Real Life Angels

14 People Who Are Basically Real Life Angels

Don’t get us wrong- everybody is good and kind in their own little way. However, there’s some people out there in this big, bad world who just go that extra bit further to make someone’s day or to let them know that they’re loved. 
We think we’re doing good when we drop some change in a charity box at the grocery store- but these angels are taking kind gestures to a whole other level. 
Prepare to have your faith in love and humanity restored…

1. Haters will say this is a bad tactic to use and a lil superficial and shallow but I say why not wipe your tears with a hundo if you can!?

I feel bad when my mom buys me a $2 coffee but whatever gets you through the night I guess. I would be ROLLING in it if I got a 100 dollar bill everytime I cried- I cry at EVERYTHING. Life is not fair!

However, am I one to judge on how someone makes their money? Hell no. You do you, girl.

2. I’ve been giving out free gum all of my life- where the hell is my Rom-Com style love affair?


She’s innovative, creative and ALWAYS has minty fresh breath- she’s an absolute catch! 

3. This guy has now set the bar high and I refuse to settle for anything less than somebody fainting at my selfies.

And here I am thinking that I’m speaking to Prince Charming himself because I receive the odd ‘heart-eyes’ emoji. I’m a fool.

4. So, it looks like it’s time to cancel all of my plans for the next year, buy a hamster and spend my days like this forever.

Who needs men when you can chill with this adorable little bundle of fluff? They’re less drama and would never steal your last slice of pizza. Win/Win. 

5. Forget expensive dates and thoughtful gestures- THIS is how you show your woman you love her.


6. This grandma has set her priorities straight and honestly, I could not be happier for her.

Funerals are sad as and when they happen- so you don’t need to relive that sadness ever again. What you do need however is Horcrux’s and Ron Weasely at your disposal for rainy days. Grandma, we salute you.

7. Cows. Hearts. Cute Boyfriend. What a dream…

Here I am not even being able to get a text back and there’s boyfriend’s out there who are making love hearts out of livestock.

8. Isn’t this just the most innocent and pure expression of sibling love you’ve ever seen? *sobs*

I mean, would I prefer 100 chicken nugs?


BUT, it’s the thought that counts.

9. If this exact scenario doesn’t happen in 20 years time when me and my bestie come in drunk from a night out then I will forever be bitterly disappointed.

10. This toddler is amazingly profound for her age and is really going places in life.

Finding that a cute outfit has pockets is already an incredible feeling, but remembering you can store snacks in them as well is just revolutionary.

11. A mans printed off a pic of his girlfriend and put it into an actual frame like this. I can’t even…

12. If this is not the cutest, most precious thing that you’ve ever seen then you need to seriously reevaluate.

Imagine the things he gets away with being this adorable? He looks so proud of himself with his new backpack- I can’t cope.

13. LOL who has a teenage sibling relationship like this- they’re normally tearing each others hair out, not dying it matching colors. This commitment and loyalty is HEARTWARMING.

What an absolute sweetheart!

14. This has revolutionized the Instagram aesthetic forever. Somebody give this girl an award.

She looks like a majestic angel- I can imagine I’d just look severely sunburnt but whatever- I’ll give anything a go once. If it’s what my fans want then it’s what they’ll freakin’ get.

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