14 Health Problems You Can Find By Looking At Your Eyes

14 Health Problems You Can Find By Looking At Your Eyes

We should all try to look after ourselves a bit better than we currently do.

Going to the gym a bit more, and cutting down on the fast food and surgery treats are all great ways of getting healthier.

After all, how are we suppose to fight off death and live a long and happy life if we can barely manage a flight of stairs without getting out of breath!

Ok, I’m not suggesting that you become a fitness fanatic, so stop panicking. But what I am saying is, when you reach a certain age, healthy living becomes more and more important.

Trust me, it’s something you won’t regret in the long run!

When it comes to our health, we can sometimes experience certain symptoms and think nothing of it.

These symptoms can come in many shapes and sizes, and they can even come in the form of oddities in your eyes.

But you shouldn’t brush off these experiences like they aren’t a big deal.

Ignoring something wrong with your eyes can sometimes put us at risk because we’re experiencing symptoms of something dangerous, like a heart attack or even a stroke.

The eyes may be the windows to our souls, but they’re also the key to understanding our health.

Our eyes contain the cornea, iris, pupil, lens, retina and optic nerve.

According to recommendations from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, all adults by the age of 40 need to have their eyes examined.

As we get older, our eyes start to become more vulnerable to diseases.

So in order for you to become more aware of what you’re at risk of developing, I’ve put together a helpful list for you.

It’s a list of things your eyes are trying to tell you, and what they mean for your health.

Take a look and see what your eyes are trying to tell you.

1. Sudden loss of vision

Although poor eyesight is quite common for a number of people, having an abrupt decrease in vision might mean there’s an impaired blood flow to the eye or to the brain.

The reasons for this are a few. It could be a stroke, migraine headache, or progression of a brain tumor.

2. Eye puffiness

If your eyes are puffy, then it could be a sign of water retention, which is closely associated with kidney dysfunction. 

This could explain why your eyes appear swollen. 

3. Bulging eyes

Building eyes could be an indicator of the condition hyperthyroidism. This occurs when your thyroid gland starts to create too much thyroxine and triiodothyronine.

Another way to know if this is what you’re suffering from is if you notice other symptoms, like weight loss, tremors, hair loss or nervousness.

4. White-yellow spots around the cornea

These deposits may form patches or even a ring shape.

It could be the sign of a dramatically high level of cholesterol in the body. If you notice this, then I highly advise that you go seek medical attention. 

5. Different pupils

If you notice any difference in your pupils, you could be experiencing circulatory or even neurological troubles.

6. Drooping eyelids

This condition occurs because of things like an autoimmune disorder (myasthenia gravis), tumor or neurological problems.

If you have any of these you’ll experience weakness and numbness in the face, arms and other parts of the body.


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