14 Chilling Facts About Serial Killers That Will Haunt Your Dreams

14 Chilling Facts About Serial Killers That Will Haunt Your Dreams

The world can be a very dark and mysterious place at times, with people willing to commit some horrendous and horrifying acts of violence that shakes the world to its core.

But weirdly, despite these people’s cruel acts, we have a weird obsession with them.

Many of us can’t help but be intrigued by the thought process and the making of a serial killer.

We’re focused on figuring out their motives, we’re determined to understand what drove them to commit such horrendous crimes.

There’s no point in denying this fascination, after all, you’re reading this list.

There have been some truly horrific cases of murder throughout human history, and from those cases, we’ve learned some truly terrifying facts about serial killers and what makes them tick.

Did you know that throughout your life you’ll meet at least 34 murderers?

So to indulge our obsession with the dark and mysterious, and to hopefully help you spot a serial killer, here are 14 gruesome facts about serial killers you probably didn’t know!

1. USA High Performers

At the moment, the USA actually accounts for 76 percent of all the serial killers in the world. The second highest is Europe, which is responsible for 17 percent of all serial killers.

2. California Mania

During the 20th Century, California had the highest rate of serial murder cases, 16 percent to be exact, however, Maine was one of the few states that didn’t have a percentage at all.

3. A High Performer

Dr. Harold Shipman is currently thought to be the most prolific serial killer in modern history.

The doctor who worked in Hyde, Manchester England, killed more than 250 people.

Dr. Shipman targeted vulnerable people, mainly elderly people with money. His oldest was a 93-year-old woman.

4. They Know Each Other

In most homicide murders, the killer and the victim know each other. However, 15 percent of serial murders chose their victims at random.

5. A Little Momento

During his killing spree, serial killer, Ted Bundy, a man who killed at least 30 women in the 1970s, took photographs of his victims. 

When he was asked why he took Polaroids of his victims, he reportedly said:

“When you work hard to do something, you don’t want to forget it.”

6. The First American Serial Killer

H.H. Holmes is famously known as America’s first serial killer.

When he was finally caught, he confessed to at least 27 murders. Murders that he performed in a specially-constructed murder hotel that was fitted with traps and windowless torture rooms.

7. The Internet Serial Killer

John E. Robinson was known as the world’s first “Internet serial killer”. He would lure women to his home via online chat rooms and kill them.

8. An Old School Serial Killer

Elizabeth Bathory is thought to be the most prolific female serial killer in history.

She was accused of murdering up to 600 victims alongside four co-conspirators. There are even some people who believe she used to bathe in blood.

Elizabeth’s crimes would go on to inspire many of the vampire stories and myths we read about today.

9. A Medical Killer

Similar to Harold Shipman, Dr. John Bodkin Adams is believed to have killed 160 of his patients over the course of a decade, most of which had left him money in their wills. Unfortunately, he was never convicted of his crimes.

10. Warning Signs

A vast number of serial killers have admitted to torturing or even killing animals when they were children.

11. A Double Life

Marcel Petiot, who is believed to have murdered up to 6o people during his lifetime, covered up his dirty little secret so well that he once served as the mayor of the town of Villeneuve!

12. Hillside Strangler

Kenneth Bianchi, who is famously known as the “Hillside Strangler” would often go on ride alongs with police officers who were actually searching for the Hillside Strangler!

13. Active Killers

At the moment, the FBI predicts that there are more than 35 active serial killers in the US at any given time.

14. The Punishment Fitted The Crime

Javed Iqbal was a prolific serial killer from Pakistan.

Javed killed over 100 teenage boys, but when he was finally caught, he was sentenced to die.

The court decided that he should be executed using the same method he used on his victims.

So Javed was executed by being dismembered into 100 pieces, strangled, and then burned in acid.



If you have an unquenchable thirst for the macabre, I hope that these facts have hit the spot.

I hope that these facts won’t keep you up at night!

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